Weekend in Review – Painting sucks

we have to be out of our current place fairly soon and that means fixing it up so we can get our security deposit back. i need all the monies.


we had already did some work in the yard (yes they said we have too, boo) planted some grass seeds fixed the broken sprinkler, re-mulched the flower beds – um why didn’t anyone inform  me you need a poop-ton of mulch to finish a gardening job??


this weekend we laid out some more grass seeds (i need the armadillos to stop ransacking our yard and the birds to stop feasting on the seeds!). we visited lowe’s a few times, and dropped some stuff off at goodwill.

(we could have a garage sale but i don’t know if i feel like organizing all of that when i could just put some pics up on craigslist for the bigger ticket items. the rest of the stuff im fine with just giving away; it served its purpose for me and i’m ready to be rid of it so someone else can treasure it. we are downsizing and i would prefer to pack less. )

we replaced all the light bulbs, took down all the wall decals and a lot of the pictures on the wall. sadly we removed the Tinkerbell wall mural from babygirls room and had to repaint the green accent wall too. the paint we got is a few shades too dark which sucks; we have a lot of walls that need touchups from mounting heavy things. which means we either:

a.have to repaint a lot of whole walls (and we have some pretty high ceilings in some                rooms)


b.have to pray that the old can of paint that has been sitting in our garage can be remade         exactly and will suffice to make the coverup barely noticeable.


im really hoping for b. although ive been reading that doing touchups of that size are not easy- most people ending up repainting the entire wall 😦


i also have been looking into some projects that i want to accomplish for the new place. i can’t wait to tell you & show you exactly what i’m thinking of. i also have a dresser & nightstand upgrade coming up soon.



3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Painting sucks

  1. Patricia John says:

    I cannot believe that they are making you do all that! The garden was not that great to begin with if I remember correctly. The painting is another story. If on the top of the paint can you have there is a little label, (it it is mixed paints for colour), which will give the numbers for the different paint mixture. A lot of work, and then the packing!!!!! Do not envy you, only wish I could help. Love


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I am very happy for you and wish you all the best, always. The key to getting rid of stuff is if you did not use it or missed it then it belongs to someone who will use it😁 It takes a long time to put your house the way you want it to be, so a little advice don’t rush, take your time I promise it will all come together you will see. Good luck, I love you😘❤️


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