Weekend Recap- Easter

friday was cleaning day. we packed up stuff, decided to get rid of stuff and family came in town.

made some homemade pizza (compliments to chef chelsea)

saturday we did errands:took some stuff to goodwill, disposed of an old pillow-top mattress that everyone hates and finished the dresser project that i’ll tell you about later.

since we had some awesome babysitters, dwight took me out for our anniversary that night.

we got all dolled up and went to this place i never heard of and had some really amazing food. it was hawaiian fusion. so good.


it was cute when we got to our table, they had a sign out that wished us a happy anniversary in english and hawaiian (?) and orchid flowers adorning the table.

i had some yummy martini and our appetizer was a fried sushi roll + lobster bisque. they put thai spices, red curry and coconut milk in the bisque. it was great.

d had the Roy’s trio.3 kinds of fish all cooked to perfection with great sides; furikake¬†rice, baby bok choy, a cucumber salad

i had the shellfish sampler. crab cake, jumbo shrimp and lobster tail in some really good sauces. grilled asparagus and creamy jasmice rice.

dessert was everything. flourless chocolate souffle, raspberry couli and vanilla ice cream. the warm chocolate and the cold ice cream was icing on the top of the cake.

sunday was easter. we didn’t make it to church, sorry Jesus.

Mom and I made a nice Jamaican American fusion breakfast. croissants, saltfish, boiled green bananas, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, avocado slices.

then we hid eggs for babygirl and she got to hunting.

after that we just relaxed all day with everyone.