Weekend in Review – 4.3.16

saturday we needed to run some errands, and it was a rainy day.

we took a box of blankets & sheets to petsmart because they accept them for their dogs and cats that they take in. while we were there we saw some really cute puppies. and little mama, well she did great! she wanted to pet them, she didn’t get scared when they took a few out for us to play with and she even told us she was going to get a new dog.

wait, what? yeah her daddy told her she might get one when we move to the new house.

after that we went to the movies and watched zootopia. it was actually a super cute movie and little mama’s first theater experience. she really liked it and she did well in the theater except she sat in my lap the whole time and got a little fidgety.

after that we went to this japanese version of chipotle for lunch and then home for a nap. rainy weather = the best cuddle time. after we got up it was still raining which meant we couldn’t go to the outdoor lightshow and bouncehouse event our friend told us about so we ate queso & chips and watched some final four basketball. that sounds just as fun to me honestly.

sunday we had a birthday party to go to for our friends who are 2 hrs away. so we took a roadtrip and went to celebrate for their babygirl.


also have you heard of this app called offerup? its like craigslist but i think things move faster. kinda really cool. we put a bunch of stuff on there since we are downsizing and already sold some of it and i bought something that i was looking to use for our new closet. d’s phone has been blowing up with people inquiring about items, while the traffic on our ads from craigslist has been moving a lot slower. i saw this awesome french door stainless steel fridge for $395! sold in 1 hour 😦 but its good to know i can find the things i need for less !


One thought on “Weekend in Review – 4.3.16

  1. Patricia John says:

    It makes my day when I see that you are looking to sell off what you do not need and donating things you can to worthy causes. Vets and pet stores are always looking for towels, sheets etc. Looking for bargains also is good. It does not mean that you will buy junk, so always check the year produced if appliances etc. Wish I were closer and could help you with the sorting and packing. What a job!! Love you


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