Weekendin Review – Meds, Cakes, Books + Sun tans

its been an exhausting week, this past one. both babygirl and I were sick with strep throat.

have you ever had it? it fricking sucks. everything hurts, eating, drinking, your body hurts, fever, you cant sleep cause everything hurts. thankfully little mama didn’t seem to have a sore throat like i did.

we are both a couple days in on our meds so thankfully we are feeling somewhat better.

even though i was under the weather i had a cake order for saturday.

a man found my page from philly, and wanted to know if i could make a cake for his friend for her birthday. you could tell he really cared about her and wanted to be able to give her something she wanted especially since he couldn’t be here to give it to her himself.

she wanted a kit kat and strawberry cake. i was confused because i thought he was saying a strawberry or kit kat cake (i have pics of both on my site) but he kept saying no kit kat strawberry. then i realized he wanted them together (as he had been saying all along, to make a cake i didn’t have pictured).

i hope she enjoyed eating it as much as i did making it!

3 layers of chocolate fudge cake, with cut strawberries and chopped kit kat nestled in the vanilla frosting middles, and then surrounded by a kit kat border.

all topped with whole fresh strawberries.  and more chopped kit kat.

since it was kind of a birthday gift from him, i added in the red “Happy Birthday Joanne” and he later told me that red is actually her favorite color!
i took baby girl to Barnes & Noble to read some books as we waited to meet the special lady and give her the cake.



She had fun “reading” all the books in the kids section, and she let me read her a couple too.

(on sunday she even told me she was going to the store to get books, i love it !)

i hope to instill in her a love for reading, like i had when i was a kid. i think it really helped with building my vocabulary , good spelling, and using proper grammar.

sunday i decided we needed to get out the house and see some sun. we put on our bathing suits and headed to the pool for a bit.

then my aunts family came to visit as they were in town. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Weekendin Review – Meds, Cakes, Books + Sun tans

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    So sorry to that you and Bri are sick, please take care of yourselves. It was nice seeing you, I would be very upset not being able to spend time wit you❤️ That cake is so beautiful, I’m sure it was delicious. Word of mouth baby, that’s the way to go😁 Keep up the good work but at the same time make sure you add some down time to rest your body 👍😘😘😘


  2. Patricia John says:

    What a beautiful cake. You will be known all over the USA and beyond. I am sure it makes you feel good. Not sure going to a public pool was the best idea seeing as both of you were so ill. Love and kisses my darling


  3. Patricia John says:

    Sorry, meant to add that you are doing the best for ‘Little Mama’ when it comes to books and reading. She seems very interested in them, I am pleased as punch. I do remember how much you loved reading and ,as you say, it helps with spelling, composition and grammar, which is not taught as much as it should be in schools.


  4. Françoise L. Pean says:

    My Oh My, the strep throat epidemic spreads faster than bad news. I had it for nearly two weeks and it was horrible. Did not take antibiotics though, just ant flu, but indeed my ol’ body felt like it ached all over. Glad it is over.

    The cake looks scrumptious… Honestly, and I am sure the recipient of this beautiful cake loved every single bite of it.


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