Weekend in Review- Moving sucks

it is, more like was our last official weekend in the house! our lease is up at the end of the month which is this saturday so we have been working out booties off trying to get our crap out the house and address any lingering concerns that would take away from the full refund of our security deposit.

holy guacamole i never realized how much crap we had. i will for sure utilize those groupons for moving companies the next time i have to do this because hot damn we keep running out of boxes, energy, and my house looks like a tornado ran thru it.

we cleared out 3 of the 4 bedrooms and have filled a storage unit 75% of the way at least.

we still have to fit our king size mattress, deep freezer, boxes of other house stuff, tvs, entertainment center, gym workout thing, ikea cubbie system thing, and potentially our washer and dryer if we cant sell it before the end of the week.
i keep telling D i think we should have gotten a bigger unit. his response: “i got this”

he’s the one doing the heavy lifting and if i end up being right, and we do need to transfer to a larger unit then he will have to do all the heavy lifting of the stuff to the other one. so he’s right, he can have that.i won’t even say i told you so cause i will feel bad he should have listened to me in the first place 🙂

us girls did take some time to make it to little mama’s friends Art Birthday Party on saturday. they painted and snacked on sweets shaped like easels and paintbrushes. i was able to keep her outfit clean too, success.


sunday we also made it out to the pool for a quick tan/small break.

and then made it back home to take a nap on our mattress on the floor (feels like college) and to continue going thru and boxing stuff.

one benefit i will say to moving ourselves, is that i have had the time to go thru all the things getting packed and decide if it needs to get kept, given or thrown away. (actually i haven’t had the “time” to do this just the responsibility lol) so im decluttering now, and will probably do so when we move into the new place. i already have a sizeable amount of things to donate to the vietnam veterans.


but i said i was putting my stuff in storage?- yeah we can’t move into the new place for like a week and a half so temporarily putting stuff in storage and staying with gracious family for the time being 🙂 [thanks yall! for helping us pack, move and invade your space when we need it <3]


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Moving sucks

  1. Patricia John says:

    I do not envy you my darling. Packing and moving is a real headache (and backache). Even being a place for one year you accumulate so much (and lots is really not used, so being there three years is triple the amount., Good luck sweetheart. Love forever

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