Weekend in Review – Moving Sucks

first of all let me say moving sucks.

i thought we were ahead of the game putting things in our storage unit every day but nope.

we still finished cleaning and moving out WAY later than i anticipated.

and we are exhausted.

and our storage unit is full. and im hoping we can get all of our security deposit back.

pray to the landlord gods for me !

that’s really all we did this weekend is move and pack and clean. and more of all of that. and eat out since our kitchen stuff is in boxes.

now i need a vacation. and a mani/pedi would be great too. oh and a margarita. or a glass of wine is fine.


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Moving Sucks

  1. Patricia John says:

    I can just imagine how exhausted you must be. Moving, packing, cleaning is no joke after three years in one place. Probably could have used someone who knows how to put lots of things in a small area. Lol Love you a lot


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I’m sure you will get ur deposit back, every little bit counts😊 Been through moving before actually twice and it’s not fun. The only thing I liked was being able to get rid of things I had and never used or needed. Thus way you are able to accumulate new stuff again for the next 10 years😁😁😁 make sure u rest for the next week because unpacking is also very exhausting😳 The best part is that you know that the place your going to is home… All yours👍👏 good luck my love, I wish you all the best😘❤️


  3. bernadette aitken says:

    I see you have inherited the family gene of hunter-gathering too much stuff lol. Feel for you as I had a huge clean-out of 40 years of stuff before I moved from Western Australia to Melbourne. Then had to go back last year and finish it as my tenants trashed my house/studio. Now house is sold and I am in a rental unit with a garage packed so full I can only just fit my car in !! Looking for a house and studio now. Wonder how long my resolution to not accumulate stuff will last. Not long, as I recently added a trundle bed and a very nice wood cupboard off the side of the road from people moving who did not want them. Oh well….you can’t fight nature I say LOL. Good luck in your new place. I love your blog btw xxx


  4. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba says:

    My dear I can well imagine. I just moved back to Jamaica after 4 years in London. All of what I was sending home was shipped and the I had to buy suitcases to take home what was left. Thank God Uncle Charles was there to help me. I took home 7 suitcases and all now they are still full. I don’t know what I am going to do with the 70 boxes when the shipment comes!

    You need to take a rest and do that mani pedi before the next phase.


    • Bianca says:

      mani pedi check! but i will probably want another one after i unpack all those boxes and boxes of stuff 😦 give everyone lots of hugs & kisses from us !!


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