Weekend in Review – Mother’s Day Weekend

we drove to my moms late thursday night.

and slept in friday morning. my bed never sees me past 8 am on my latest days, so this was glorious. we definitely needed it cause after breakfast we took a nap too.

really we just wanted to rest this weekend.

saturday, because the weather was so beautiful we took a drive down to the beach.

spent some time on the sand and in the cool waters. babygirl wasn’t for the waves at first but she let us dip her in while we held her.

actually she didn’t want to get near the water at all but uncle skyler asked if he could take her in and she said yes.

imagine that!

mommy, daddy and papi couldn’t get her near the water, not even the wet sand that the tide touched but uncle skyler comes around and she goes right into his arms to be taken out there!

after that she let us hold her while we waded in, and she took turns burying daddy’s and papi’s shoes in the sand and eating lemon crackers.

the nap she took when we got home was epic! hours of rest! enough for mommy & nana to slip out so i could get a mani pedi & let me tell you i neeeededddd it. the time spent packing and cleaning and moving out of our last place did a number on my nails. Diana fixed me right up so i could have clean pretty polished nails for me to sign my name on the dotted line of our NEW HOUSE. WOOOOOO! 🙂

moral of that story is sun+sand= epic toddler naps, and moving means you need a mani pedi for sake of your nails and sanity 🙂

sunday, D made us a glorious breakfast of strawberry nutella french toast surrounded by a halo of cut strawberries & bananas and turkey bacon.

[sorry yall no pic of our beautiful breakfast just imagine how yummy it looked & tasted. next time he says he might one up and add something else.]

he also helped my mom fix her curtains by raising 2 rods to fit her new extra long curtains (thanks ikea, i’ll be paying you a visit real soon). it really makes the sliding doors look so tall and wide. i loveeee how it came out and im sorry i didn’t take a before & after pic to show the difference. i’ll definitely be adopting the idea into our new place.

on the drive back we spent some time at my dads house, and lil mama was obsessed with playing with this young lady. the last time i saw her she was younger than my princess, and now she is 6! (i thought it was cute that she calls my dad abuelo! aww, they are his two granddaughters)

they blew bubbles outside, danced in the house and chatted it up about i don’t know what.

and then we got in super late and are back to needing a nap 🙂 happy monday ❤


One thought on “Weekend in Review – Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Patricia John says:

    It was so lovely having you yesterday for a couple of hours. I so wish you lived closer or that we moved closer. Love you sweetheart kisses and hugs


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