Powder Room Update


it’s a pretty basic powder room: toilet, pedestal sink and towel bar with white walls.

its under the stairs so the ceiling slants low on the toilet side.

i started painting it the same day we got the keys. i don’t waste any time i know.

 measuring cup to open the can of paint because i couldn’t find anything else !

color is sea salt by sherwin williams. beautiful bathroom color. i knew from all my pinterest searching that it would be the bathroom color and i am super happy about it even though i didn’t swatch the walls and check lighting and blah blah like some people suggest before committing to a color.

the towel bar is kind of an eyesore but i also don’t feel like ripping it out the wall right now, but like why such a massive towel bar for a bathroom that doesn’t even have a shower/bath? oh well. maybe i’ll rip it out later in favor of a smaller towel thing closer to the sink.

i added some shelves above the toilet since the pedestal sink offers zero storage and i would hate for someone to run out of toilet paper when they need it lol. I’ll add some cute stuff on the shelves later, maybe a candle and some lotions or a nice terrarium…

 shelves are from ikea= ekby collection and i chose the silver endcaps to hang them.

i love the way these different colors play together in here. also white circle mat from ikea to finish it off.


updated 6/2/16: i ripped the towel bar and toilet paper holder out the wall and added a new one of each.

a more fitting hand towel holder.


and a metal toilet paper holder



3 thoughts on “Powder Room Update

  1. Patricia John says:

    You are too much. How many people would really be painting and adding things after less than a week in a new place, much less the same day of the closing. Congratulations though! I cannot wait to see the real thing. I hope that you will not tire yourself out too much. Love always xxxxxxxx

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