Weekend in Review – friends + house work

soo much this weekend.

So so much, it’s no wonder I had to drag myself outta bed this Monday  AM.

I can foresee a lot of weekends like this, but I am happy to know it’s because we are fixing our house up.

so friday we got started work on our closet and D got baby girl’s light up.

[I’m going to do a post for each room and really break down all the work we did in that space but a few sneak peeks won’t hurt 🙂 ]

 The closet system and putting up chandelier took a bit of time for each.  But I was happy for the slow progress anyway.

And can I tell you how obsessed with her room I am?  Especially with this update of her ceiling light. I didn’t take a pic of the fan that was there but it was an average white fan with a dim light. Not princess-y enough for my vision.

I added a ceiling medallion for some extra flair. 
and then late that night we had to drove down to our friend’s house to be a part of a surprise brunch for our other friends after they got engaged. Our friends that we stayed with recently bought/moved in their home so we chit chatted about house plans, flooring woes, and cool tech (they have a Nest which i have been eyeing for our place (smart thermostat for those wondering)).

saturday was the brunch. it was awesome to be there and catch up with our friends.

And she was so excited/surprised to see us and happy that we could be there to share the special moment with them.

baby girl having fun with titi and uncle. 
some of the girls.
S’mores French toast for me ! 
Chicken and waffles for D 
The happy couple

we drove back to our place that night. since we were so tired after we got back i found a groupon for $22 hibachi for 2 and jumped on the deal. The japanese restaurant is a spot we frequent under new management and is now located in our new neighborhood.

the hibachi chef gave baby girl her own rice and noodles so she was happy. and our leftovers made for lunch the next day for all of us, and dinner for mini and i. so i was happy.

sunday D got up early and mounted the living room TV to the wall. it came out nice as he hid the wires inside the wall. Now to patch the pre existing holes and it will be perfect. (picture to come later)

then we did some more work on our closet.

im happy to say that I designed it myself and we are DIYing the install.

moving to this new place means we lost some clothes storage space but i’m working with what i’ve got and honestly i needed to purge old things out anyway.

after that we took a trip to ikea. i had to return two things and then buy a few things.

the few things turned into more things than i anticipated but i know it will be worth it in the end, especially this cool thing.

and then we drove over to Trophy Room, Marcus Jordan’s new shoe store.

It’s located in Disney Springs, which is like the outdoor mall that got added on to what I used to know as Downtown Disney. That place is nothing short of beautiful. We will have to drive out there again when we have  a free weekend so we can stroll around and really enjoy it.



and then we we got home we did that thing i said i wasn’t going to do.

I know, i know i said I wouldn’t do it right now but it was going to get done anyway.

And honestly it already looks better anyway.

We ripped out the old ceramic towel bar, and toilet paper holder.

Upstairs in our bathroom, we have two towel bars that aren’t where we want them exactly. So we said we would take them out, and if we are taking them out of one bathroom why not take them out of all bathrooms. And if we are taking all the towel bars then why not take out all the toilet paper holders too, right?

Here is the new hand towel  + holder ( Ikea) in the half bathroom downstairs.

MUCH better, and much more fitting to the space.  Now to patch the holes and repeat the process for the other bathrooms…


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – friends + house work

  1. Patricia John says:

    It is so rewarding to DIY things. Am so proud of you my love, I only hope that you will not exhaust yourself too much. Everything is looking good. Glad you had some time to enjoy the weekend. Love always

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bernadette aitken says:

    WHAT A WEEKEND… I’m tired just reading about it !….but a lot accomplished and some fun too…..love Ikea, blue walls look good and towel and holder also, closet coming along and LOVE chandelier….lucky girl having you for a parent xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    It will all come together just the way you want it😀 Love the chandelier ❤️ Great job, wish I was there to help you. Take it one step at a time k😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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