Babygirl’s Room Makeover Pt 1

mini has been great about this whole move thing, and i’m happy. she has been excited to move to the new house and loving that she has bypassed her bedtime almost every night for the past few weeks, although this does cause for some trouble in the mornings.

it was bittersweet leaving the last house because we created so many memories there, and it was the first place we brought her home to. she started walking, talking and potty training there. she also started growing into her own little independent person in that place. sigh.

AND we decked her room out tinkerbell style. (check those out here:  part 1 , part 2 , & part 3 ). good times.

but we told her in the new house she could have something new: a princess room.

this is a pic from when the last owners lived here. see the white walls and boring fan?

check out that boring beige carpet.


she has been so excited for this princess room (!) and i am so happy to give it to her, and this is how i did it:

i took out the wire shelves from the closet so i could do a better/more organized closet for her. her bed does have some drawers in it, but we got rid of her dresser and chest of drawers so more storage please !and then we proceeded to rip out the carpet and throw some paint on the walls.

and because i am crazy– but have a vision– i also painted the inside of her closet.

sweety pink by sherwin williams.

 i did the walls in sherwin williams Olympus White (eggshell finish)

because i did the walls such a light color, i really wanted to have that pop of color for her.

-dad and daughter team installing floors & painting walls.-

also we bought her a bigger bed, because she sleeps like a crazy person and we felt it was time to upgrade her.

-i was going to buy the frame new from ikea but i found a lady selling it on offerup for $80! that’s a great deal considering i would have had to drop $250 on it from the store. we did buy her a new mattress and mattress pad, and are waiting for her memory foam top to come in. i think she really digs the one in our room so we got one for her too.

 and what princess room is complete without a dress up closet? we had this in the living room in the last place but it’ll go great in her new room.

my mom had a small tv they weren’t using so we repurposed it to her room and set it on top of her dress up closet.

orginially i was going to use this cubby thing in my closet, but it didn’t fit the space and i found a better use in hers. i think the different cubbies will be nice to seperate out her pants, shirts, pjs, etc.

And then we replaced the fan with a girly chandelier.

I bought a 10″ ceiling medallion from Home Depot to give it a more grand effect.

(Chandelier is the Tadpoles 4 Light Mini Chandelier in White.)


Thanks D for fighting that last boring fan off the ceiling and putting this new beauty up!


I’ve still got to put up her closet and clothes, organize all her books, and put some princess art on the walls.

ANDDD take some better lit pictures too.



3 thoughts on “Babygirl’s Room Makeover Pt 1

  1. Patricia John says:

    I am so happy that your little mini loves her Princess room. It looks beautiful. Just make sure any cabinets you put in the closets are well anchored to the walls, especially, the tall ones in your closet. How much more one can appreciate the results when you have done it yourself.

    Love you


  2. bernadette aitken says:

    Great job so far, love the chandelier. Good use of the cubby thing, they are great storage and easy for small children to use. Creative room, and all she needs is a table, chair and storage for her Art materials (hint hint!) Looking forward to the next stages…oh and did I mention I love the chandelier ? lol xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bianca says:

      Thanks Bernadette! I have been eyeing this chandelier for so long, it was probably the thing I was excited for the most for her room 🙂 her table and art supplies are downstairs!


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