Weekend in Review- Memorial Day Wknd

Now that we are semi moved in and I could find my shoes and socks I made it to the gym this weekend !

And because I am trying to shed these love handles  I went twice.

Friday I did some bicep + tricep work and 22 minutes on the elliptical.

I’m glad they keep TVs in front of the cardio equipment cause watching HGTV while I’m running sweating on the elliptical for an extended period of time is much easier than without something to distract me from the craziness that is cardio. 

Saturday I cut myself trying to gut an avocado and answered the door for some surprise guests that came to visit us. Baby girls Papi and her uncle. I took the opportunity to make my second gym trip and got some good leg work in. Also some cardio on the step machine. My favorite and most hated cardio at the same time.

We got some house stuff done and then went to eat at this cute little diner down the street.

For being the only customers in the place it took a while for our food to come out but when it did we were all pleasantly surprised. And my shake was pretty bomb. Even Papi admitted that the food wasn’t that bad, which is a compliment coming from him !

Turkey burger with Guac and cheddar cheese. 😋 And some pretty well seasoned fries.

Sunday was more house stuff day. I returned some extra closet materials to Home Depot and took a stab at making a terrarium.

I’m kind of fascinated with these things and plan on making more for the house. I wanted to use them in the bathrooms to bring some life into them but none of the bathrooms have windows (townhouse problems) and sunlight is kind of important to plants living.

Later that night we bought publix chicken wings and I made linguine with homemade cream sauce. They loved the sauce ! Well I knew D liked it already but Papi was trying to save the pasta til the end to savor the taste before he realized I made extra and got a second helping.

Monday we kind of just relaxed. Not something we get to do often.

And then went to a bbq at our friends house. Brief moment of dark clouds and thunder made babygirl cuddle up with me and I loved every moment of it!

We stayed til the end of the 1st quarter of the basketball game and made it home to watch Golden State become the Western conference champs!

Actually we fell asleep before we could see who won but they were up last time I checked and we found out that they did in fact win.


One thought on “Weekend in Review- Memorial Day Wknd

  1. Patricia John says:

    How nice that Roby and Skyler went up to be with you. You certainly cram a lot into a few days, but glad that you are able to have some time for yourself. That diner sure looks as if they have some good food, my mouth is watering (probably not good after gym workout!!)

    Bonsai would be wonderful to have, I have always wanted to get them, but they are expensive.

    Love always


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