Weekend in Review- Terrariums + Paint

My off Friday meant I was able to go to the gym and run a lot of errands.

I put together a few more terrariums and am really happy with them. I want to get a few cool mini sculptures to put in them when I get a chance. I’ve seen glow in the dark little “mushrooms” or little forest animals. Maybe I’ll get some little fairy accents to make it look like a fairy lives in there…

I have 3 terrariums on the entertainment center in the living room and 2 in our bedroom now.

I love how they look so far and might trade out some of the moss for some sand to just get a different texture in there.

Saturday I did some wood staining and spray painting. I had a gold metal basket that I sprayed pewter grey for our bathroom, and more on the wood stain later.

Breakfast looked like this 

My first time buying chocolate soy milk (it was on sale) and it’s pretty good I must say. It has a silky texture and enough taste to make me drink 2 cups upon first trying it.

Saturday night we stepped out and saw mini me’s boo. They are so funny together! As soon as she saw him she ran over with a big smile on her face and immediately reached for his hand to hold!! Why oh why, I’m not ready lol.

He was quiet at first trying to run away as she tried to catch him, but later he started to get a little wild too. They were running through the park wild and free, it was cute.

Sunday we slept in, being tired from our Saturday activities.

When we finally rolled out of bed we got some house stuff done.

hat meant a lot of  baseboard painting. The downstairs baseboards really needed the fresh coat of paint, and it has made such a difference.

I wish I took before pictures so you could see what a difference the white paint has done. Previously they were off white color, speckled with grey paint, covered in dust and hair. Ew.

Also we are missing a dining table.

I also tidied up a bit, putting things away, sweeping, and hanging some clothes up.I patched a few small holes underneath the downstairs TV and painted over them. Since I had the paint out I contemplated doing a piece  of the bar area but by that time it was already 10:30 pm and I knew I could get to it another time.

So many little things to do, but it is really coming together just like I planned it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Terrariums + Paint

  1. Patricia John says:

    I cannot wait to see your home, and all the wonderful things you have done there. I have a lot of little figurines, some yours and some mine, little animals etc. Would you like them for your terraniums? You certainly are making a real home for yourself. Love you my darling


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