Weekend in Review- family! 

So so much this weekend.

I actually took Thursday off to prep and Monday off to recover !

Thursday started the influx of family to our home where we had 13 people stay in a 3/2.5 abode!

Thankful for air mattresses and extra toilet paper.🙌🏽

We cleaned up the house to make it presentable for our guests and started welcoming them to our new place. They all loved everything we’ve done with it so far 🙂

Thursday night we went out to celebrate D’s best friend’s fiancées birthday.

It’s not often we get out and do adult things so it was nice to be B & D and not just mom & dad for a night.

We went downtown and then finished the night at the pizza place where D and I first met.

His best friend said it was the best pizza he had in his life !!

Friday I did some party food prepping and ran some errands cause I needed something to wear to my princesses birthday. I worked on chocolate “snow” covered oreos and making the cheese ball.

We also put the turkey meatballs in the slow cooker and my mom and aunt got the pasta salad going.

Later that night he big kids went to play laser tag. Talk about a good time! We found a groupon to give us all 6 missions but because we got there so later we ended up losing out on 2. They had a variety of guns to choose from and each mission was a little different. One mission we had to find the traitors on both teams, the last mission was a free for all, every man/woman for themself.

And I won ! I was last woman standing !! I was soooo excited to be able to say I was the champion lol.

Saturday was baby girl’s birthday party. (I’ll talk about that separately)

After the party the family came back to the house and we opened little mama’s gifts.

After opening gifts we played the Jelly Bean Challenge. That was interesting.

And then we had another adult night out and went to a comedy club. We finished off the night by going downtown after the show and eating pizza from our spot.

Sunday the ladies cooked Father’s Day Brunch.

We had leftover cheese ball, turkey bacon, sliced avocado, fruit salad, leftover turkey and cheese sandwich, bagels, scrambled eggs and saltfish.

And of course some sangria to wash the food down with 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- family! 

  1. Patricia John says:

    I was amazed how everything went so well. And, your lovely house was welcomed so many people. How we fit was a jigsaw puzzle in the making. The food was wonderful. Kudos to you firstly and to your Mom and Aunt. Love always. and thanks for the good time, if short.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Had a good time, everything turned out beautiful. Thank you for having me. You outdid yourself once again you amazing woman. The next girls night out will be planned so that we can enjoy a proper meal and drinks👍😃 we had a blast, oh by the way I would like to try that famous pizza place okay. I love you lots❤️😘


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