Weekend in Review- girls weekend

D had to go to be a groomsman in a wedding this weekend so that left me and babygirl to have a girls weekend with some very awesome ladies.

actually our girls weekend started on Thursday which happened to be my birthday. 🙂

one year closer to 30 !

after working from home and then taking him to the airport, I picked up some very convincing fake flowers from hobby lobby. i wanted them for a big vase I have in the bathroom, real ones would be ideal but the lack of a window means real flowers wont last very long.

I took babygirl out to a sushi dinner after and my friend michelle came along too.  it was a nice little quiet dinner.

i was in more of a chill kind of mood, the kind where you take a bubble bath when you get home and put on a hydrating face mask and read a book after you put your little princess to sleep.

friday after I got off work i tried to clean my house up for our guests.

my lovely sister from another mister and her mama. and my mama.

we gave them the house tour and chit chatted until we all were yawning.

saturday i started baking for a shopkins cake that had to be delivered on sunday.

after my cakes were cooled and we were decent, we headed out to do some errands.

also panera for lunch. i love me some of their broccoli cheddar soup.

the sun basically drained us while we were out so we came back home for a little siesta before making our way to bahama breeze for dinner. my mom is OBSESSED with their ultime pina colada. and when i say obsessed that’s an understatement lol.but the food was good. and when we got back home i continued to work on the shopkins decorations til everyone was falling asleep around me.

sunday we assembled the cake and delivered it to the party that i was also invited to.


and then our guests had to leave 😦



One thought on “Weekend in Review- girls weekend

  1. Patricia John says:

    It is a shame that when you are busy and also having a good time, Mr. Time just flies. But, I am sure you enjoyed every minute of the visit this past weekend. The cake looks absolutely to pretty and sweet to cut. Love you


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