Weekend in Review- July 4th

My weekend was nice and long.

But not long enough room that I was ready for it to be over.

Friday I was off from work. I considered doing some work from home but I tidied up and napped and read instead. Much more personally satisfying.

After D got off work we took little mama to go see Findig Dory. She used to really love Finding Nemo so I guess we thought she would be totally ensnared with this but she wasn’t as into the movie as me and D were.

We couldn’t pass up the chance to have her take a picture with this super realistic Teenage  Mutant Ninja Turtle after the show. As D was setting her up to stand next to him, he told me he would probably pee his pants if the guy was to move ! (It was a statue but super realistic in a creepy way) (Now to find a statue man that I can get to surprise D… 🙂 )

Saturday we took a day trip with D for a basketball camp. We ended up on the West coast of  the state.

Little miss sassy chose her outfit for the day.

We let him do the drills with the other participants and ventured off to find the beach. Surprisingly she wanted to play in the water and she made me a sand birthday cake and then proceeded to sing me happy birthday and make me blow out the “candles.” It was so hot though that we didn’t stay very long after I let her play on the playground while I drank a pineapple, strawberry, and orange smoothie.

We made it back to the camp in time to watch D’s team play (and win) a game.

I twisted her hair up since it was looking crazy after playing at the beach and it got me thinking about different hairstyles I should be trying out on her. These two simple messy twists looked so beautiful on her.

Sunday we ran some errands while D went to another basketball camp closer to home.

Found a couple things for our house and got a few things for our friends who were having a housewarming.

We headed down south to stay with friends Sunday night on the east coast this time. Baby girl had fun playing with their dog and cuddling with her titi.

Monday morning we all headed over to the housewarming/July 4 pool party.

It was so much fun to see our friends, we laughed and hung out til later than we planned on.

We played the jellybean challenge, Jenga, some of us got in the pool and took funny group pics.

And then we drove the few hours back home to try and catch the fireworks and recoup from our weekend. We caught some of the show and I knocked out within seconds of laying on the bed.



One thought on “Weekend in Review- July 4th

  1. Patricia John says:

    Quite a weekend, but am happy you had a good time and that you were able to relax and enjoy. Love the hairdo on B, so cute and the dress is gorgeous. Has she tried on the one I made for her?
    Love you I


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