Convos with a toddler- ep3

backstory: babygirl eats breakfast when she gets to daycare but sometimes wants a little something before we get there. d & i both had bagels; he had a maple french toast with strawberry jelly and i had an everything with butter. he gave her some of his (which i didn’t think she would eat at all)


mini: daddy i want more

d to me: oh crap i just finished the last piece

me: its ok ill just give her some of mine (proceeds to give her some of mine)

mini: (turns it over and over in her hands, inspecting it) i don’t want this one, it doesn’t have the sauce. i want daddy’s.

d: (takes back my bagel which doesn’t have “the sauce”) sorry daddy doesn’t have anymore, you can only have some of mommy’s.

mini: (whines a little that she wants daddys) (proceeds to take back mommys bagel and finishes it.

Backstory: mini was having one of those days where she doesn’t want to go to daycare.

Me: but you’re going to have fun in school today  and get to play with all your friends.

Me: who are your friends at school? What are their names?
Mini: Emma is not my friend she went with her mom

Me: ok who else then

Mini: Sophia is not my friend she is at home

Me:ok what about Bryce and Braylon and Ruha and everyone else?

Mini: they are at home

Me: ok but what if they’re at school, then they’re your friend again?

Mini: yes all the kids love me

(Me and d look at each Other and start laughing)

Me: what did you just say?

Mini: all the kids love me


Backstory: we back at home at the end of the day and I’m trying to decide what I’m going to cook.
Me: baby what should we have for dinner tonight?

Mini: chocolate chips and tea

Me: what?

Mini: chocolate chips and tea

Me: did you say chocolate chips and tea?

Mini: yes ! Put something on the tv for me.


One thought on “Convos with a toddler- ep3

  1. Patricia John says:

    I hope that you are keeping a book on all her sayings. It is so much fun to go back and talk about them. You really need to keep trying her with different things, including vegetables and fruits, so she can begin to eat everything.


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