Weekend in Review- Circus Fun

Friday we took baby girl to an ENT to discuss her snoring. Looks like we will be taking her in for a sleep study soon!

Saturday i got a good leg workout in and then came home to visit the pool with my babies now that we finally got our pool key card. Yay.

The sun was beaming and someone was having a birthday party so a lot of kids were there with floats and plastic balls and thankfully mini had a good time. she didn’t like getting splashed in the face, or the large blow up shark float but all the kids were pretty nice and the other parents were too.

it was our first time really interacting with people in the neighborhood other than our next door neighbors and I’m pleased to say it seems like they  are all a friendly bunch.

we are working on getting her comfortable in the water and then on learning how to swim. she kept asking to go back to the pool after we left so it seems we are on the right track.


we ate chicken tacos when we got back home then took a family nap. it was great.

i made fried ravioli and chicken for dinner and that was even better than the after pool nap.

sunday we slept in a little. D got up to play basketball so me and mini played with puzzles and baked chocolate cookies. i’ve got a variety of shapes so i’ll post the after shots when they are all pretty and decorated.

when D got home i took my turn at the gym where i got a nice upper body workout with some cardio on the elliptical. i have been putting in work for the body i want!

after i got back home i had just enough time to shower and get ready to head to the this Circus Event.


i tried to get them to call D up for the volunteer parts but i think they already had their eye on him for this basketball section of the show. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Circus Fun

  1. Patricia John says:

    You certainly fit in an awful lot of stuff in a weekend. I was exhausted just reading it. I love the circus bit, which I saw on Facebook this morning. It is so important to teach the kids, early, to swim. Love always.


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