Weekend recap – my boys

Friday’s healthy dinner.

Sautéed mushrooms, baked sweet potato and Mexican quinoa stuffed peppers.
Saturday we had some family come in town and I was so happy to have them.

D had to work  back to school event for his job so mini and I welcomed our guests Saturday morning with some pancakes.  

I took the boys to the gym with me and left mini with her Papi to play puzzles, kick the soccer all around and eat apple sauce. 

When the gym goers got back home we got ready to go to the pool and mini even got Papi to go in the water! I asked him when was the last time he has actually gone in a pool and he couldnt remember, goes to show you she has him wrapped around her little fingers. 

After we got back home I made dinner while D took the boys to the mall to go visit a shoe store. 

We slept in a little Sunday and hung out around the house for a while. All the boys got ready to go to the mall while me and baby girl got ready to run some errands. 

We returned two of her birthday toys and used a gift card she received to buy some new things for her and her Papi to play with. 

I also picked up Jenga because why didn’t I have this in my house already? 

Also got some protein powder from GNC that was on BOGO half plus had a $10 off coupon. Yay protein powder for me for a while! 

And took advantage of Targets 10$ off bed bath and home decor purchase, bought mini some new ice cream cone sheets and a white set for our rooms. Plus two cute pillow cases with reversible designs. 

Dinner was fried ravioli, salad and garlic bread :

Also some cookies I baked + decorated last week 


3 thoughts on “Weekend recap – my boys

  1. Patricia John says:

    You certainly got a lot done. And, I am sure the boys, all of them had a good time. You culinary arts are wonderful. Is little Missy also eating these fabulous dishes? I hope so. Shoes seem to be the BIG thing!!


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