Weekend in Review – Girls Weekend

D left for a basketball tournament on Friday afternoon so we had a girls weekend.

Mini found her way in my bed Friday night so we woke up Saturday morning and watched some Mickey Mouse clubhouse before she begged me to go downstairs. After breakfast we got ready to run some errands.

Of course she wanted to wear a dress and I obliged on the condition that she pick one of the 3 options I presented her- not the more formal coral dress I have planned for an upcoming wedding. (Which she originally took out of her closet and brought to me so she could put on)

I did her hair and even asked her if she wanted me to put a ribbon in it to match her shoes and dress. I’m trying to get a little fancy in the hair do department.

I parted out a little bit on one side and clipped it away and then did  a Dutch braid that started on one side and wrapped to the other. And with the clipped piece I did a small Dutch braid into a regular braid that ended up becoming part of the end of the bigger Dutch braid.
We tried going to old navy to look for some uniform pants for her (yes my princess will start wearing uniform in 1 week!) and I picked up a few things for my own office wardrobe.Did not find the pants i needed at Old Navy (why do they only sell navy & khaki uniform pants??)

After that we had lunch at panera.

Her favorite thing to do is get a grilled cheese and break off bits to dip into my broccoli cheddar soup. Cheese on cheese !
We left the mall to go home and take a nap. Then we washed some dishes, she watched her shows while I finished a book I’ve been reading. I put together some drawers for underneath-the-bed storage and tried to tidy up my closet a bit. I folded some clean clothes and made turkey tacos for dinner and that was pretty much our Saturday.

Sunday started the same as Saturday, breakfast then errands then Panera for lunch. We stopped by Barnes and noble for a bit then back home to take a nap.

I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I tried to rest for the rest of the day. But of course we had to have a tea party.

And then I tried to do a little meal prepping.

Mini tried to help me make some tofu which I’ll be experimenting with in the upcoming week. The only other time I tried to make this was a few years ago and I didn’t cook it long enough to be a texture I could eat as a tofu newbie.

I read a few tips this time about draining and cooking and lightly coating with cornstarch so hopefully I did better this time around.


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