Merging Blogs

I started this blog when I was pregnant and continued it after I had mini.

 It morphed into a mom blog and then I slowly started adding in other things, occasional food experiments, weekend recap posts, diy/crafty things. I’m trying to remember all the funny things mini says and add that in too.

And a year after I had baby girl I started another blog to document my gym diary and added sprinkled in a few posts about beauty things. I called it lunges & lipsticks. (Can you see I have a thing for alliteration? ) As I don’t regularly post my makeup looks or makeup hauls or that kind of thing, it’s kind of just become my gym diary. 

And now I’m wondering if I should just merge all of it into one blog? Should I change my blog name? Update it to the times you know? Show what it’s like to juggle all of it together? 

All of it is lifestyle stuff. Like fit mom life stuff? Right? What do you think? What should I call it ? Should I even do it? 


8 thoughts on “Merging Blogs

  1. Sableyes says:

    Merged 5 blogs on my site. Nobody’s complained and as my writing and visual style is the same across 5 subjects it all kinda works.

    Go for it, merge em, it’s a lot easier than running multiple blogs. 😊


  2. Patricia John says:

    I agree with all those who say ‘merge’. I love your blog and did not even know you had the other ones. I have just been reading some. You have always been a creative writer and make reading your work a great pleasure. Whether it about family, cooking, crafting, baking they really all go together. It is LIFE


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