Weekend in Review- Family Visit

my mom’s family came in town and my cousin slept over. baby girl was ecstatic. (!)

mini hasn’t seen her nana in a while so she was so happy when D opened the door and they walked in. and when Chelsea walked in, baby girl immediately recruited her to play barbies and play-doh in her corner.

we made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner.

saturday morning we made pancakes for breakfast and the girls hit the pool for a little sun. we actually got mini to put her head under the water, but her face after she came up let me know it was not at all what she expected and she had no plans of trying it again anytime soon. [we didn’t get to take her for swimming lessons this summer like i had planned but she has an uncle that used to be a lifeguard who will be marrying his soon to be wife who also used to be a lifeguard. and they have a pool. and I’ve signed them up to teach her.]

after the pool D and I got ready to go to my friend’s baby shower.

we got lost on the way to their house and couldn’t stay very long at the party but i was glad we could be there if even for a short time (oh my gawddd, you should have seen their kitchen. the island was HUMONGOUS. i need it in my life asap.) they catered some amazing food and mama-to-be looked great ! she was all smiles and was taking selfies with her guests and being a great host. not at all how i remember myself at my baby shower- swollen, uncomfortable and hot ! haha.

D had a basketball game which meant we had to leave the party early. and unfortunately they didn’t win. they came up the almost 20 points they were down, but a few bad calls from the ref and a couple of missed shots just didn’t make it work for them this time. it was nice to watch him play though. lately his games have been late and a little far away so he goes by himself since we have a mini with a bedtime.

sunday morning we lounged around for a bit, playing puzzles with baby girl and watching olympic events on tv.

around noon some of the boys went to Dick’s Sporting Goods while the girls got ready to go visit this new grocery store. i saw people mention it on Facebook and it seemed to be a mix of Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods.

OMG. it was better.

first, it was huge inside: a big produce section, dry food section, huge selection of gourmet cheeses, cooked food area, they serve beer and wine while you shop and an amazing section where you can portion your own size of grains, nuts, trail mix and candy.

they had green bell peppers 2 for $1! fresh made almond butter and different types of peanut butter ! delicious cooked baja quinoa! pizza slices made fresh 2 for $4!

new fave grocery store for sure!

i ended up getting a nice amount of stuff including fresh made almond butter, fresh made chocolate peanut butter, pearled farro, green beans, green bell peppers, a poblano pepper, an eggplant, 2 fancy sounding cheeses, cooked baja quinoa, some spices, caprese pizza, a vareity of soap and some other awesome things.

and when we came back home all our guests went back to theirs 😦

i experimented a little with some of the food we bought and made some:

cauliflower rice tabbouleh

roasted egglant (this was kind of a fail) + salad + mushroom risotto


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Family Visit

  1. Patricia John says:

    It seems you had a wonderful weekend. it must have been a very happy one for all. What is the name of this grocery, sounds really super. You meals sound delicious too.


  2. Francoise says:

    What a wonderful post and the 4 girls together look absolutely fabulous. Nana, I NEED a pair of sunglasses like yours.
    Bianca I love reading what you write.


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