Checking those Chompers Out

baby girl’s first trip to the dentist.

i know how she is at the doctor’s office: she loves them! she hugs them and talks to them and lets them check her .. except when they pull that tongue depressor out. you know the big popsicle stick? yeah she hatesssss that thing.

i was never sure if its because they check in her mouth, or because the depressor pressing on your tongue is super uncomfortable or what. so i was very apprehensive about this checkup and her reaction.

i found a pediatric dentist specifically because they work with kids all the time and have fun offices. the kind with stickers, and kids movies playing on TV, and fun beach scenes painted on the walls. the kind with a treasure box of prizes you get to choose from, and princess toothbrushes you get to take with you after you leave. (my dentist told me i could bring her there but her office is not “fun.” it is very adult and i never get to choose a surprise from the treasure box after they finish cleaning my teeth.)

anyway got recommended a good pediatric dentist and today was the day.

she was happy when we picked her up early and even let the nice front desk lady take her picture. she found a book to read and we saw that Frozen was playing in the office. not to mention it was Pajama Day in the office so all the staff was dressed in pajamas and big fuzzy fun slippers.

after weighing her (30 lbs!) her excitement pretty much ended.  they were taking X-rays.

the lady show’d her the “cookies” she had to bite onto and the camera “gun” that she would use but mini only let us do 2 of the 4 scans. she starting a fit after seeing the 3rd cookie was clipped into a bigger stick thing she’d have to bite onto (i hate that thing too) so they tried with the “spaceship” X-ray machine and she wasn’t having that either. (you basically stand and bite onto something much smaller but these little plastic arms touch your temples and you have to have your arms out and hold these handles on the thing. she was not about that life either.

we moved onto the main event of the cleaning where they showed her all the different tools and let her touch them and play with them but she DID NOT want to lay on that damn chair. not even to watch Frozen on the TV that was overhead. since when does my daughter not want to watch FROZEN? she really at this point didn’t even want to touch the tools when they were showing her how they felt.

the lady conceded and started only with a regular toothbrush but after babygirl got a little more comfortable she let her use the spinning one. her mistake was trying to clean the teeth in the back, and all hell kind of broke loose after. baby girl clammed up and didn’t want any parts of the rest of the visit. not even to let her look in her mouth with the little mirror. it was bad y’all. so bad. she didn’t want to lay down, didn’t even want to sit in the damn chair anymore.

both D and I tried to console her, reason with her, hold her hand, rub her legs, pat her back, wipe her tears, get her to just calm down. (there was a mom with her daughter two chairs over who looked over with that face that said she felt my pain, you know that helplessness you feel when your kid is crying and nothing you do is helping and you know your kid needs to suck it up anyway cause this is for their own good?  i felt her sending her positive vibes our way. but to no avail. )the hygienist gave mini her own stick mirror to have and she still wouldn’t let her look in her mouth. D tried showing her that it was easy and he let mini stick the mirror in his mouth, but she was not taking her turn after that .my heart was breaking for her, i hated watching her cry and kick and scream like that.

in the end we had to kind of hold her down because when the Dentist came by, she really did need to see baby girl’s mouth, and then brush the fluoride treatment on. thankfully she said her teeth look good and told us to *try* and floss with her sometimes. she could see that it was obviously going to take some time before that’s happening though. 20 good teeth and 2 X-rays later, and we booked our return appointment for 6 months from now.

and then we picked her up some popcorn chicken cause it was lunch time and she was all smiles again.



3 thoughts on “Checking those Chompers Out

  1. Patricia John says:

    I am sorry I had to laugh at your descriptions, but, I really feel for little Missy. Dentists are not the favourite people in the world. Really!!! who loves a dentist, probably only his wife or lover.
    Maybe you will have to practice at home, looking at her teeth, feeling them, brushing them, etc. I am surprised they did not use the machine where you put your face in a sort of half round thing, none of those horrid little negatives they have to force in the mouth four times.


    • Bianca says:

      hahahaha. we practice brushing at home but we don’t practice X-rays or flossing. i knew she would not have fun with the x-rays because her mom hates having to get it done too!


  2. genevieve Laidley says:

    OHHH Poor baby, i feel for her especially she is in a strange place with people she has never seen before. It will get better, she will get use to the dentist. I felt for you too seeing your baby crying like that. Like you said its for her own good.


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