Weekend in Review- Girls Weekend

D was out of town this weekend so we had some more girl time.

Friday I made it to the gym after work for a quick leg day workout, and then went to pick mini up.After we got home I baked some cookies for an order I have coming up.

Saturday we did a lot of hanging out. Pretty sure I didn’t change out of my pajamas until 5 pm and in the words of Tony the Tiger it felt “greeeeeatttttt.” 

I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I stayed in my pjs ALL day and just lounged around. I mean I did some cookie decorating and laundry folding but we also took a *glorious* nap. She slept for some hours actually, which was good because I think she was under the weather these past few days; low grade fever, coughs and runny nose. (We bypassed on a birthday party actually because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick and I knew she could use the rest.)

After we woke up I decided we should get out the house and hunt some dinner down.

Of course Anna had to take the ride with us.

We ended up at Bahama Breeze, because I knew we could get some chicken tenders for her and a good salad for me. 

Also a Raspberry Lemon Breeze because we say on the patio and was muggy outside. 

Sunday was for more lounging. I did more decorating, and we did more napping. Also we picked D up and went back to that glorious supermarket that I will admit I have come to love. What 


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Girls Weekend

  1. Patricia John says:

    It is good to have a really quiet and peaceful time, and even better to just chill out. You have such a busy life as it is, so relax and enjoy each others company. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear the conversations that went one between the two of you. Lots of love xxxx


  2. allroundbetterme says:

    I love having a chill weekend every now and then. This past weekend I had a pretty low key weekend too! I did go out to see a couple friends, but mostly just stayed home and puttered around the house. (I also included a nap on Sunday afternoon!)

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