Monday Leg Day

Warm up of Walking Lunges 50 lbs

4x of each listed below:

Squats 50 lbs 10 reps

Lunges 10 lbs db. 10 each leg
Rdl 50 lbs 12 reps

Sumo squats 25 lbs. 12 reps 
One legged deadlift 10lb db 10 reps

Front loaded squats. 50 lbs. 10 reps

Lateral Lunges. 10 lbs. 10 each leg 

Kickback. 12 each leg
20 minutes on the stair master

Can you see that line under my bra line? Where it looks like my shirt is just slightly darker then the rest? Yeah that’s sweat. I was absolutely drenched in sweat at the end of my workout. I think you can even see my shoulders glistening with it. Signs of a good workout. 


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