Transformation Thursday

If you followed my other blog this one will seem real familiar but just to put things into perspective for those that didn’t here’s my “transformation” story? It’s still in progress but here goes

I started working out maybe a year after I had my daughter.

I put on about 40 lbs while I was pregnant and at the start of the pregnancy I was already at my heaviest weight. Which was not a lot; I didn’t hate the way I looked in the mirror or anything, I was just starting to get a little soft around the edges you know?

Anyway after having her I got very skinny, mostly, except for the dreaded little pouch that all my mommies know about.

I joined LA Fitness and started working out with a trainer in the beginning of summer 2014. I saw my trainer 1x a week and tried to go on my own 2x a week. I was so motivated, I had my goals and I was working toward them. I stayed with a trainer for 1 year and then decided to go on my own. It’s not cheap for one, and I felt I had learned enough and gained enough confidence to do lots of strength and weight lifting exercises.

But of course life happens here and there and I fell off the wagon at some points after that. Buying a house, stress of work, no energy days; they add up and can hold you back sometimes.

But I’m back and my motivation is with me and I won’t let it go anywhere this time. Especially because I’m getting older and I know my metabolism will start changing and my love for food hasn’t dwindled. 🙂

I have started writing down what I eat, I use pre workout before most of my workouts and have started taking plant based protein powder. I am happy with where I am but still working to get where I want to be.

This was me before a few weeks before I had my princess. Look at my little chubby cheeks !

This is me 1 year after having her. july 2014. Such a skinny Minnie!

And this is me the other day.

Aug 2016.

Side by side you can tell I’ve been building my legs and I’ve put a little weight back on but I’m so happy with it 🙂

I know that had I stuck with my gym routine or had I not ate so bad last summer (snacking while working a new position at work), I would have been farther along to where I want to be but like I said I’m back !


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