Wednesday Upper Body

4x of each :

1 arm row. 20 lb kettle bell . 10 reps

Biceps curl to sh press 10 lb Dumbbells . 12 reps
Plate raise. 10 lbs. 15 reps

Bent over row. 30 lb bar. 12 reps
Hammer curl. 10 lbs Dumbbells. 12 reps

Lateral raise. 5lb plates. 12 reps
Back extension + row. 25 lbs. 10reps
17 minutes on the stair master- incorporated some squats, kickbacks and leg lifts during this cardio

Look at my little baby biceps coming thru to say hello !! 


One thought on “Wednesday Upper Body

  1. Patricia John says:

    It was pouring when I should have gone for my walk, so read your blog and felt I had done enough exercise just reading it. Am tired LOL


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