Convos w/ a Toddler – Ep. 5

Backstory: Little Mama has been doing so good with the potty training that we graduated her to wearing big girl panties all the time, including during nap time and BED TIME. but a few nights we have had some tiny accidents in the middle of the night, so to fix this we have been trying to get her to pee a lot and not drink anything after a certain hour. But mainly I try to make her pee multiple times during the before bed routine.

Me: Ok we got the pj’s on now its time to go pee

Mini: I don’t need to go

me: ok are you sure you don’t need to go? lets just go sit for a second

mini: i already went. (she did, like 5 minutes prior)

me: ok well lets go take the medicine and then we go pee.

mini: ok. (takes medicine)

me: ok lets sit on the potty for 2 seconds. lets just check if you have some more.

mini: ohhh-k… mommy i dont have any more

me: you don’t have anymore? are you sure? did you push?

mini: no i don’t have any more peepee. i don’t have anymore pee pee in my belly.


Backstory: mini gets a runny nose sometimes and we ask her to get tissue so we can wipe it. I was in the kitchen as this time washing dishes when she needed her nose wiped.

Me: go get me some tissue so I can wipe the nose.

Mini: you bossy (as she walks to take some tissue from the bathroom)

Me: (incredulous face) what did you just say to me

Mini: you so bossy mommy, mommy is bossy

(with the cutest little smirk on her face)

Me: (laughing) get over here so j can wipe your nose


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