Weekend in Review- Welcome to Indy 

As you could tell from the title we went to Indiana this weekend.

Baby girl did great on the plane! A guy actually told us that while we were walking to baggage claim and after thanking him I realized he was the guy sitting in the row in front of us. He said he travels for work quite a bit and he was pretty stoked that at least on this flight the child in the row behind him was so well behaved.

(I love when she crosses her little legs. )

We stayed with Ds cousin  while we were there and Friday night the adults took a trip to Broad Ripple. All the cousins were bathed, dressed in pjs and watching Monsters Inc when we departed to see what the night life was like.

And at midnight I wished this cutie a happy birthday.

Saturday it was their daughters birthday so they threw a party for her at their house.

Complete with bounce house, bbq chicken+ burgers and a piñata. Also lots of cousins.

Watch my little baby swing that bat!

We went out again Saturday night after the kids were asleep from playing all day.

Two nights in a row of babysitters sp we could get to go out, what is life?

His cousins were all saying how great it was to be back together and now be adults with our own kids getting to hang out again for the weekend.

And Sunday and Monday were lazy days spent chilling at the house, playing pool in the man cave/basement and watching movies in the living room.

It was so nice watching our girls play. Little mama doesn’t have any cousins nearby that are her age so it warmed my heart to see them play the way their dads did when they were the same age.

But the of course it was back to reality for us with a flight back home on Monday night.

Another successful flight with little mama, and every passenger in our radius was smitten with her of course. We even snagged her a pin from one of the flight attendants and some free gold fish !


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Welcome to Indy 

  1. Patricia John says:

    Happy you had such a great time. Family reunions are wonderful times to reconnect. I wish that I had been able to go to a few of them in England, but they were in summer there and flights out of reach. Now I have Facebook can connect somewhat. Love


  2. Genevieve Laidley says:

    I have traveled where a child was so rude, disruptive and the parents had no control. I am very proud of you guys you are doing a great job. Glad you had a good time. Love you

    Liked by 1 person

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