Fit Goals

Alright now that I’ve merged blogs and we are talking about all parts of my life, mom and fit life, let’s talk about what my fitness goals are and how they play into my mom life. 

#1 I want to be fit! I want to be tone! I want to put on some muscle mass! I wanna get the gainz!

I have always been on the slim side, and after I had my daughter I shed most of the baby weight pretty quickly (except the mid section area). But I also noticed that I was looking very small in my limbs and I wanted to build some muscle. I want to have nice toned arms and develop some muscles in my back not to mention building my lower body. And of course to shed the tummy area which happens to also have been my trouble area before pregnancy.

I don’t have an ideal body weight, because I am the heaviest I’ve ever been (minus pregnancy) and I am loving my shape. But like I said my ideal body type (for myself) would be to have a flatter tummy, toned arms and back, and built up legs and glutes.

#2 I want to be active enough to keep up my kid! 

My daughter is little and likes to run around and play and be active and I want to be fit enough to be active with her. The more active you are the easier it is to keep being active! 

#3 I want my mini to see me working to be a better version of me. 

It’s amazing how much your minis pay attention to everything you do. I remember when she opened her kitchen set birthday gift for her 2nd birthday. Someone else bought play food and the first thing she did was take the broccoli and try to “wash it” in the “sink” I knew then that she’s paying attention to more than just the things I saw and I made a mental note to always try to be the best version of myself so she would follow that for herself. And because I know she looks up to me if she sees me eating well and maintaining my body then I know she will do the same for herself.


3 thoughts on “Fit Goals

  1. Patricia John says:

    Always remember children mimic their parents. Just look at nature and see how the mothers teach their young how to survive in the wild. Whatever you do or say will be absorbed by the little ones. Love and kindness is always a good thing to teach a child.

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