Leg Day Wednesday

So on my way back from the gym it was POURING rain. I’m talking raining cats and dogs, I’m talking a legit thunderstorm trying to power wash all the dirt and dust off my car. And you know what I thought about (aside from making it home safely of course) ?

It made me think about this one time I was visiting my family in Jamaica. We were at my grandma’s house out in the country. Her house sits on top of a hill and the yard gave us kids plenty of space to run around and burn off some energy. Anyway it started pouring down one day, so of course the Directv wasn’t working which meant we were moping around the house waiting for the rain to stop so we could either go outside or find something to watch on tv.

And the adults got tired of us looking like sad, bored puppies and they shooed us outside. We can go outside? What, but its raining? It’s only a little water they said. So we ran out there and danced in the pouring sheeting rain, we grabbed some shampoo and washed our hair in the rain and then we grabbed the soap and washed the cars in the rain too. It was sooo much fun I still remember it to this day. Little things like that are what I try to hold on to and remember when I’m playing with my mini; I want her to have fun things to remember and stories to tell.

Warm Up: Walking Lunges w/ 60 lb bar

4x each:

Goodmorning to Squat. 50 lb bar. 12 reps


Sumo squat. 25 lb kettlebell. 10 reps

Romanian Deadlift (RDL). 50 lb bar. 12 reps


Double pulse squats. 50 lb bar. 10 reps

One Leg Deadlift. 10 lb plates. 10 each leg


Front lunge + Back lunge + Curtsy Lunge. 10 lb plates. 5 each leg.

20 minutes on the stair master. alternating with leg lifts, donkey kicks/kickbacks


2 thoughts on “Leg Day Wednesday

  1. Pascale says:

    We did that as kids too and I have to admit it used to be a blast. We looked forward to those days when we could go play outside. Get dirty. Play marbal. Games that kept us entertained outside. Inventing new games. That’s what growing up is all about. Enjoying life to the fullest. Yes Mini needs to experience those things. ❤️❤️


  2. Patricia John says:

    I think that all kids love to play in the rain. I remember doing it with my siblings when we were living in Jamaica. Of course, one must never do that if there is lightening and thunder. My mother used to save rain water to wash our hair in , it was a natural softener. She also used lime juice on those that had blond or light hair and vinegar on those with dark hair. Cheap softeners and natural. There are so many games that used to be played since back in the old days we had only a radio to listen to, they even had soap operas on the radio (nothing steamy like today). In fact there is an English family saga which is still playing on the radio. We were never bored. love you


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