Leg Day.. At the Beach! 

(Spoiler alert to my weekend in review : we are having a beach vacation weekend)

Just cause we are on vacation though doesn’t mean I can’t get a quick little leg workout in. 
Barefoot and all. Letting those cool waves break and bubble over my toesies while that morning sun baked my tan and I flexed and squeezed my muscles.  Salt spray flecking my hair, the slope of the sand forcing me to pay attention to my balance, and the heat making my clothes cling to my body drenched in salty sweat.

Walking lunges 
3x each

Squats 20 reps

Walking leg lifts

Sumo squats 15 reps

Donkey kicks 10 reps each

Lateral lunges 10 reps each
Front lunge + back lunge + squat 5 each leg

And then I rinsed the sweat off changed into my bathing suit and joined my family to enjoy the beach. 


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