Weekend in Review – Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day Weekend- Fro yo
We needed a getaway and Labor Day weekend gave us just that. Our friend graciously allowed us to use his beach house but we started the  weekend off with some froyo.

Can you tell which cup belonged to who? Lol

Imagine waking up to a view like this

Labor Day Weekend at the Beach

yes that is the table on the back patio in front of me and the beach just in front of it.

Labor Day Weekend at the beach

labor day weekend at the beach

After marveling at the morning view, I got a little leg workout in while everyone changed to play. I joined them not too long after.

We made sand castles, found pretty colored seashells and buried Papi in the sand 🙂

View from our room upstairs.

We grilled steak, chicken, corn and potatoes and got some dessert to sing a belated happy birthday to D. His rude self walked in the kitchen as I was trying to light the candles and ruined the surprise but he appreciated the effort all the same. He also appreciated that Hershey sundae pie; yummy.

Sunday passed like Saturday. Enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company.

Shrimp + grits for dinner and a trip to this amazing ice cream spot for dessert. (I’m getting better at my food photography right??)

Have you heard of a Boston milkshake? It’s 1/2 milkshake and 1/2 sundae. Their chocolate peanut butter shake is unlike any other I’ve had, rich chocolate flavor and creamy peanut butter undertones.

monday passed like much of the rest of the weekend, beach and red box movies. [there was no cable or internet but honestly we didn’t miss it that much. we did rent some movies but i think we would have been fine without those too.] oh we had more boston milkshakes.

what a weekend indeed.


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