Weekend in Review – pool day

Off Friday.

Get a haircut- check

Pick up some new cookie cutters- check

Pick up Ds friend from the airport -check

Make some bomb meat and cheese lasagna  -check

Saturday after getting my leg workout in, we all went to the pool.

Weekend in Review - Pool Day

Weekend in Review – Pool Day

The weather was beautiful and the pool was empty. Well except for the security guard.

(This is the first I’ve ever seen a security guard that sits at the pool all day. Like I mean everyday. If there is light out, there’s a guard sitting under the cool shade of the covered patio, even when there is no one at the pool. every day. I would think it’s a pretty easy gig but to sit in the heat and humidity all day has to make you pretty sleepy, and sticky and dehydrated. When the lady guard is there I notice she has a big fan that blows on her, I don’t blame her. )

After nap time, of course we needed a nap after being in the pool, I made zoodles and shrimp in garlic cream sauce and grilled asparagus for dinner .

Sunday was a lazy day. I should have gotten up early to go the gym for upper body stuff but mini woke up pretty early (despite having watched movies late Saturday night) and the boys were asleep. Couldn’t leave little miss to watch her cartoons by herself! I caught up on some reading and cuddling with my mini.

D decided to fire up the grill: corn on the cob, chicken legs, and a couple steaks. I made some super cheesy Mac and cheese, and banana chocolate chip bread.

The leftovers from Sunday will be appearing in our lunch boxes a few days out of this week. 🙂 yay meal prepping.