Leg Day Wednesday

Sometimes your brain tells you that you can’t do things, that you aren’t strong enough and that it would be easier to just put it off for some other time. I’m pushing those thoughts out my mind and discovering that I am stronger than I sometimes give myself credit for. You should too!

Treadmill warm up for 5 minutes + Walking Lunges 60 lb bar



Squats. 60 lbs. 10 reps

1 leg deadlift. 10 lb plates. 10 each leg


Plie/Sumo Squat. 20 lb dumbbell.

R Deadlift. 60 lbs. 10 reps



Standing Calf Raise. 45 lbs. 30 count

Lunge 2 ways + Pulse squat. 5 each type each leg



20 minutes cardio on the stair master


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