Weekend in Review – Cookies + Chuck E Cheese

Pretty quiet weekend.

We had ground beef homemade tacos on Friday night and I baked cookies.

Mini knows I bake and we normally have cookies in the jar, but we ran out. And she still asks me every night after she finishes her dinner if she can have one, and the sadness on her little face when I tell her we don’t have cookies breaks my heart. So I whipped up some chocolate and vanilla ones.

Saturday I worked on icing the cookies per their shape. I did a few different themes so I could practice using different decorating techniques, and even tried using my airbrush.

I haven’t really practiced with it in a while, and I can see that I need to do some more work before I claim to be  a pro. My stencils moved while I was airbrushing so that was a fail but at least I am getting the pressure to a point I am comfortable with. (You can see what I’m taking about in the red polka dot bow tie, and the blue stripe tie, a little bleeding underneath the stencil.)

I also did a couple different themes so I could practice some flat lays. I’m still working to get the lighting just right and utilizing my backgrounds to really make a good picture. I’m getting there, right?

Sunday we slept in after having gone out to hibachi for dinner Saturday night (thanks Groupon! +  leftovers for later)

We had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and after that it was family nap at home.


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Cookies + Chuck E Cheese

  1. Patricia John says:

    So much to comment on, you are quite amazing! I see we are going to have another expert driver in the family, starting very young. Those cookies look so professional, if you had not pinpointed your ‘mistakes’ (not really), I would not have seen them as anything but perfect, like tear drops. Are the little yellow flowers Black Eyed Suzies, or Sunflowers, and are they also edible? Love all of them, clever girl.


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