Quick Leg Day

I was too tired and too full to go hard on this Wednesday Leg Day but I wanted to get some work in anyway.

One of my favorite college friends was back in town and scheduled a girls dinner so I put my workout clothes on and geared up to give her big hugs. Of course they picked a pasta restaurant (who doesn’t love pasta?)  and I ate half my 4 cheese ravioli with Alfredo, minced garlic, spinach and sundries tomatoes. It was heavenly but probably not a good pre workout meal.

Treadmill 5 minutes
Walking lunges 60 lbs

1 leg deadlifts. 10 lb plates 12 reps
Squats.50 lbs 15 reps

Side leg lift. 10 lb. 12 each leg

Front load double pulse squat 30 lbs. 10 reps

Seated calf raise .+45 lbs. 12 reps
stair master 20 minutes 



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