Weekend in Review – Cookies + 1st Swim Lesson

Saturday, D had a work event so little mama and I made pancakes and welcomed my college friend over for breakfast.

She colored with mini and helped her make us some play doh lunch and we chit chatted about life and what’s new. She moved out west after she graduated and is currently seeking opportunities back on the Eat Coast so I’m crossing my fingers that she will get a position and come back home to me!

Just kidding I want her to find a job wherever will benefit her and make her the happiest. 🙂

After she left I worked on decorating some cookie sets that I baked. I’ve been playing around in my head with some fun fair food cookie ideas…

The fall reminds me of going to the fair, probably because that’s the only time  with weather good enough for a fair round these parts. – I don’t know about you but this time of year makes me think of walking around seeing all the rides and lights and eating warm fresh funnel cakes. And turkey legs. And big frozen lemonades. And caramel coated and candy apples. And winning big stuffed animals from the trick game stands..

Anyways I am kind of obsessed with how the popcorn and snow cone cookies turned out. Also check out these cute “Oreo and caramel covered apples”

I think I’ll do another set soon with more fair food; like cotton candy, hot dogs, pretzels, funnel cakes. What do you think? What’s your favorite food to eat at a fair?

And the second set I made as a gift for my friend that is getting married this week.

Shhh, don’t tell her yet! Her wedding colors are wine red and gold, and she has no idea I’m making these little treats for her and her hubby to be.

For dinner I was feeling fancy and made Parmesan risotto, grilled asparagus and seared scallops.

The seared scallops were so bomb. I really think I could give up chicken and red meat in favor of a pescatarian diet. But I don’t have the monthly food budget for that quite figured out yet lol.

Later that night I went out for some girl time with my long time friend.

We have known each other since middle school! The 7th grade actually! (I won’t tell you how many years ago that was haha) She moved away for high school but we ran into each other one night a few years ago at a Winery in my city and told me that her family moved here. And now I live one neighborhood away from her ❤ it’s walking distance actually (if I don’t mind the humidity outside) And when we can coordinate it properly, we are gym buddies, pushing each other to be better.

Sunday after sleeping in, we had lunch at my friends house, another college buddy. He and his fiancée are getting married in 2 weeks and little mama is going to be a flower girl!

They made healthy chicken tenders, cubed roasted sweet potatoes and homemade bbq sauce. Also apple slices and almond butter, before the chicken was done.

We fitted her outfit for the wedding and they gave her a swim lesson. (They were both lifeguards and worked teaching kids to swim) For the first lesson it went pretty well.



3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Cookies + 1st Swim Lesson

  1. Patricia John says:

    You certainly have busy weekends. But, can see it was a really lovely one with old friends, so nice to see. True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves found everywhere. You cookies are fabulous and the dinner superb. If fish was cheaper I would also cut out meat (especially red), but, keep chicken. Love


  2. Genevieve Laidley says:

    Nice weekend. Diner looked delicious, i love scallops. I am so happy that little lady is learning to swim, it’s so important in this state👍 maybe she can eventually compete 😊 it’s a great sport. Live her braids ❤ miss you, hope to see u soon.😘

    Liked by 1 person

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