Weekend in Review – Wedding #2

tis the season of love!

everyone is getting married in october it seems!

i guess the weather is pretty nice in october so its a good time for nuptials…

this wedding was a little farther away than the last though. i had planned on making the drive with D but he had to be elsewhere so i took this cutie i know as my date instead.

that’s right, my momma !

and of course princess came along too, in fact she was a flower girl. i felt honored that they wanted her to be a part of their special day in that way.

we intended to start our 9 hr drive Thursday morning, but with Hurricane Matthew barreling around we left Wednesday night instead. Like 230 am.

With stops for potty breaks, food, and a Target run our trip took longer than the anticipated 9 hours but we weren’t in a rush. And let me tell you, the drive was beautiful! Lush green hills, mountains, wildflowers! My mom was saying she wished we had done road trips like this when we were kids, but I think it’ll still be fun now too 🙂

The house we stayed at was this gorgeous cabin tucked up near the Georgia / North Carolina border. Complete with a wood fireplace, heaters in every room and everything you could need in a house. A fire pit in the back, gas and charcoal grills, towels, bed linens, games, books, DVDs, TV and even wifi. (Which was helpful, cause cell service up there was lacking)

Im not a fan of driving up windy mountain roads, but with a view like this I dealt with it. And like I said I fell in love with this cabin, who wouldn’t?

Can you imagine getting married at this venue?

The fog after the rain on Friday made these pictures look even more beautiful if you ask me.

The reception was actually held at this pavilion and the ceremony done in the grass down below. 
No filter on these pics! Just pure beauty and peacefulness.

Here’s a shot of the pavilion from the road that leads to the farmhouse where the girls got ready.

My baby got to wear the “big hair” for the big day.

How cute are the flower girls? Since I wasn’t apart of the bridal party, but was present to take care of my munchkin, I helped out by watching these beauties while the bride and her bridesmaids took pictures around the vineyard.

They loved the idea of posing for the camera and twirling in their matching tutus.

View from the house the girls got ready at.

I made rustic wedding cookies that i thought fit with the whole theme of the weekend. They were served at the rehearsal dinner. The bride LOVES sunflowers.

Also made some simple grey & white stripe chocolate covered oreos. These disappeared in a flash.

The wedding couple are both very handy and do a lot of woodworking. They made the wood cake stands that served all the pies, the wood ornaments hanging up on a christmas tree, and these huge Jenga pieces to sign as their guest book. The wood ornaments were to be taken as parting gifts that way the newlyweds could be a part of all of their guests’ Christmases hereafter.


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Wedding #2

  1. Genevieve Laidley says:

    Im glad that you were able to go on this amazing road trip. Everything looks so beautiful and very peaceful. You guys look amazing❤😘


  2. Patricia John says:

    What a wonderful trip. I am so happy that the three of you were together to celebrate this wedding. Beautiful spot to have a wedding, if a bit far away.


  3. Pascale says:

    Best weekend with my besties. Had the time of my life. My daughter and I caught up with all kinds of stories and I got to spend precious time with my lil girl as well. Would not have traded this for anything. Thank you baby for allowing me to share this most memorable time with the both of you. It was priceless❤️❤️


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