Leg Day 

My gym days are getting cut shorter, lots of other life things to take care of at the moment but when I can make it in there for even a short time I want to make it count. 

Also I’m thinking I need to lean out a little bit, change things up for now. Going to try and up my cardio, and I’m also going to try and cut out eating meat and chicken to an extent. I’ve considered maybe trying to count my macros but I don’t know that I want to deal with that hassle right now. 

Walking lunges 60 lbs 

Squats 60lbs 12 reps

3 way Lunges. 10 lbs plates. 5 each
Rdl. 60 lbs 12 reps

Split squats. 10 each leg

Stairs 20 minutes


One thought on “Leg Day 

  1. Patricia John says:

    Chicken is fine, red meat can be cut out. Take the skin off the chicken and stick with breast meat, the white meat. There are so many ways to cook chicken, can never go wrong. Love you


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