Weekend in Review- Thanksgiving

I’ll save you the customary Thanksgiving food posts because everyone does them.

I was thankful to spend time with my family and also for my little brother to show us how to “Juju on the beat.”

and of course thankful for this little bundle of joy and sunshine

Friday, two friends were getting married so I went black friday shopping at a bake store down the street from my mom’s and rushed back home to get ready.

The wedding was supposed to start at 330 and was about 1.5 hours away from her house. Formal attire meant I had to find a gown, and I was pleased when I tried the little sage number on after having ordered it online.

I was so happy to see some of my girls and spend the evening with them as we celebrated the union of two people who seem truly fitting for each other.

look at that beautiful bellyyyyy on her though. She was absolutely slaying in this red dress.

The wedding ended up stretching out til past midnight so my friends encouraged me to stay with them.The long drive back in the dark was not something i was looking forward to so I accepted.

As I was completely unprepared for a sleepover, we stopped at a Walmart by her house and picked up a few things i would need. The few people that were there at 130 am gave us some interesting looks but two different people told us they liked our dresses hahaha. I told her we must look like we went to prom tonight !

The next morning we talked while she made breakfast and I made my way back down south to my moms. They were having a lazy day so the girls snuggled up in Nana’s bed and took a long afternoon nap.

Sunday mini and I headed back to our home. After being gone for a week we needed to do grocery shopping, get a tree, unpack and get situated before the start of the new week.

remind me to tell you my struggle story about this christmas tree i put up.


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Thanksgiving

  1. Patricia John says:

    Gorgeous, spectacular, beautiful, lovely. So many adjectives to describe how beautiful, in and out, you are, my love. Cannot wait to hear more about the wedding and the tree.


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