Weekend in Review- Shelves & Science

i needed to pick up an order from a store on the other side of town this weekend. it was an online order so i could have had it shipped for $6 or i could pick it up in store for the free…

i chose the free option because well yeah it was free. and this particular store happens to be next to an IKEA. who doesn’t love IKEA? i don’t know, everyone i know does. so yeah i paid IKEA a visit and picked up some things for the house, including materials for a project I’ve been meaning to do in baby girl’s room.

a book wall!

we’ve been collecting a good number of books for her since she was born and it makes me so happy for her little book collection to be growing at such a young age. i hope she loves to read like her mommy..

but up until this point we haven’t had a good way to store them. in the last house i had a few small bins that i stacked by age/type of book. in the current place, they’ve been collecting dust in a box. yeah we still haven finished unpacking all our boxes; it’s a process, don’t judge me!

in comes the book wall. and it only cost me $18 (+ materials i already had at home)

each shelf is actually a picture ledge from IKEA, $6 each !

all i had to do was gather up my mounting materials and get to work






and voila. book wall that looks inviting and helps her see some of the titles so she can choose. this doesn’t hold all her books, but I’m happy with it.

Sunday, our friends invited us to go to the Science Center with them.

not going to lie, that place was pretty amazing. they had 4 floors of interactive fun for the family, and our babies were eating it right up. it made my heart swell to see them engaging their minds and playing with all the “toys”Ā .

i’m a big fan of creative play so i know we will be back to the center in the future to spend more time having fun.


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review- Shelves & Science

  1. Patricia John says:

    What a fabulous weekend you must have had. Love the shelves for the books, they look wonderful and so good for the little one. From the time I can remember, (and that goes back decades), I have love books. And, I have to thank my mother for that. It was a ritual, everyone always got a book for birthday and Christmas. You have my Now we are Six that I received for my 6th birthday. I would have loved to have been with you at the Science Center, wonderful for the education of children.

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  2. Genevieve Laidley says:

    I pray that she will be a great reader like you and granny, it makes a great difference in the education of a child I truly believe that. I wasn’t a reader and I can tell you that my schooling was difficult due to that. So please make her a great reader of all books šŸ™‚ The science center looks like a great place take her back as many times as you can. great weekend, lots of love my darling. Keep doing what you are doing, you are awesome.


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