Weekend in Review – I’m Back

*whispers into the dark* are you there? did i lose you? can you hear me? is this thing on?

i took an unexpected break from blogging, and i gave you no warning. for that  I’m sorry. a lot has happened, i forgot to wish you a happy holiday season with your loved ones, i didn’t get to toast to a new year’s with you but I’m back.

i’ve been juggling a lot of things at once, and felt i needed to take a break from some things to help clear my mind. you ever get that feeling too? that you are taking on too much and it’s starting to weigh a little heavy?

anyway, i’ve been hitting the gym pretty regularly the past few weeks, and i’ve recruited a coworker to join in the fun with me. it’s nice to have someone to keep you accountable and to push you when you feel you might want to slack off a bit.

i’ve been working on some things for my baking business; i’ve written up business goals for 2017 and i am proud to say that even though its only January i have already started achieving some of the things i set out to do. also i’m researching and trying to perfect my craft. if you want to check me out on instagram : @beesbakedyummies. ( i love feedback!)

but yeah this weekend. got a good leg day in friday morning with my friend and refueled with a yummy lunch at Panera. I love that even though Panera is quick and clean. Their food is great and they’ve committed to cutting out all the extra unnecessary stuff (damn this is starting to sound like a Panera ad! Ha they aren’t paying me, i just love Panera)

Later I cleaned the house and made dinner. It didn’t come together how i envisioned but everyone had seconds so i can’t complain. Coconut rice, pineapple chicken and a strawberry and spinach salad.

Also I baked a cake to enjoy while we had game night. Scrabble was our game of choice and it was really fun! (Using Monopoly is the go to, but D was not there and we opted for something a little less intense).

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day, mini and I lounged around til my bridesmaid dress appointment. Had to get fitted for a dress I will wear later in the year, glad i went because the dress size i normally wear was NOT the size i had to get and the dress takes 14 weeks to be delivered!

Sunday after the rain cleared, and we bundled up we headed to get some stuff from the craft store. I really just needed Gorilla Glue to fix one of the kitchen drawers, but i found some stuff to do crafty projects with.

Can you guess what I’m working on?


Also today is my grandma’s birthday! I love that little lady! Happy Birthday Dahling !(not her name).


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – I’m Back

  1. Patricia John says:

    My sweetheart, thanks for your wishes, dahling! Yes, often it does seem that we want to do more than we should, a break does help. But, I am so happy your are back. Your cakes look too yummy and beautiful to cut, but am sure they are loved by all and are delicious.
    Preparing for little missy’s birthday, I presume. Am I correct? Love you, dahling

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bianca says:

      Winner winner! Someone get this young lady a prize 🙂
      Yes doing some craft work for little Missy’s party. I always start so early but it’s so much fun at the same time I just can’t help it


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    You are just so amazing, I wish I had half your talent. Proud of you, as they say “the sky’s the limit”. Little princess has a great roll model. A break is always good not to worry, it’s to realize you need it. That cake is so beautiful, reminds me of a castle. Magical… love you lots xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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