Weekend in Review – pool time

Didn’t get too much done this weekend except a lot of hanging at home.

Friday I worked legs at the gym and paid the price the rest of the weekend being sore. A good consequence though, to know I’m working my muscles and getting them stronger!

I also redid my business cards. Exciting !!!! And I decided to be fun and different and go nontraditional and do them in a square shape. But now I need a business card holder that will accommodate that…. Do you know of any cute square business card holders??

Maybe I can DIY one. hmmmm, lets work on that.

The rest of our weekend consisted of picking up some craft and baking supplies and spending some time by the pool.

That was an idea that was full of good intentions, but poor planning on my part.. We dressed for the pool when we saw sun out and got there while it was overcast. After dipping a toe in, I realized how cold, how freezing cold, the water was but there was no turning back. Baby girl was already two feet in and all smiles. I tried my very hardest to adjust to the water temp, but it was so cold, and the sun was not out in full force to even warm my face up.

She finally got me to just bare it and dunk myself to my shoulder so we could wade around the shallow end, but i doubt we were in for longer than 30 minutes before she convinced me that she wanted to lay on our towels.

I should have known better, she just wanted the snacks in my bag. And after she helped me polish off our dried Caesar snap peas she was ready for that frigid pool again!

I was not having it! I let her sit her feet in there for a good 3 minutes before I convinced her that lunch and cuddling with mommy would be better.

And that’s what we did for the rest of the day 🙂


One thought on “Weekend in Review – pool time

  1. Patricia John says:

    I was surprised when I saw you at the pool. I knew the water must be freeeeeezing, unless it was a heated pool. But, you did have a good time, I am sure. Loved little Missy’s bathing outfit, the colour is gorgeous.


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