Convos with a Toddler- ep 9

Getting ready for splash splash time otherwise known as bathtime, and babygirl spots two large ants.

Her: mommy look two bugs!

Me: where ? Let me see

Her: see there in the shower!

Me: ok *as proceed to wash to them down the drain*

Her: I want to go to a snowy country, I don’t like this country with all these bugs

Me: *laughing* like where? You know snowy countries have bugs too right? Remember Chicago? It snows there but they also have bugs

Her: yeah I like Chicago, let’s go there


4 thoughts on “Convos with a Toddler- ep 9

  1. Patricia John says:

    It is a good thing they were ants, not roaches. Roaches have been with us for millions of years and they are in every corner of the world. I believe only the Arctic and Antarctica do not have them, could be wrong.


    • Bianca says:

      Oh yes, good thing indeed! It would have been a very different experience had it been roaches! I think I read that they could survive a nuclear bomb, which is pretty crazy


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