31 Weeks

How far along ? 31 weeks! We are down to single digit week countdown now o_o

How big is baby? At my last ultrasound which was last week, they said she’s about 3 lbs!!

Symptoms: fatigue, some swelling in my feet, occasional lower back pain,

Total weight gain: let’s say 15? I’ll check with doc if they had my pre preg weight

Maternity clothes: yes, I live in maternity spandex and ruched bodycon dresses. Shout out to Target Maternity section and Amazon!

Sleep: yes thankfully, I’m still able to fall asleep easily. I sometimes get some hip pains on my left side, which is the side I lay on so I try to half lay on my back to relieve? It’s weird but it works for now

Stretch marks: still the same, they don’t look angry so maybe that means no new ones? Maybe this shea butter is working?

Food cravings: well since I got told I’m anemic and need to eat red meat again, I’ve been eating some of that, but maybe that’s not a craving? Nothing in particular at the moment

Best moment: spending my 30th birthday with family enjoying our staycation over the weekend and then with my husband and mini at a reallly nice birthday dinner

Movement: yes, she’s basically training for a black belt or doing swim aerobics in there

Labor signs: no

Belly button in or out: mostly flat

What I miss: being able to move freely, being able to sleep on my back or anything other than my left side

What I look forward to: the baby shower!

Milestones: hitting the single digit week countdown? Turning 30?

Weekly wisdom: maternity spanx are your friend, but multiple. Get bras that fit, they will be your friend