About Me

Im Bianca.

I live with D and our babygirl, who i refer to as mini or little mama or babygirl. Or princess or beautiful etc

This is me and D after babyimg_3473

Me and D before baby 

This is baby 


I started this blog when I was pregnant, with updates about all the stuff I was learning about being a mom and growing life inside your body.


Me and my momma and baby in belly

Then I started posting food experiments, and DIY projects and sometimes the stuff I did on the weekend.

So that’s what you’ll  find here: recaps of weekend events, recipes, DIYs and mom life stuff.

I love planning mini’s parties, doing crafty/ DIY stuff, baking, eating sushi and crab legs dipped in garlic butter, and going to the gym.

Baking website- beesbakedyummies.com

and now we bought a house so you’ll see me talk about my journeys into home making and updates to the place now that we are homeowners. 🙂

me and Dad laying floors & painting walls 

i also recently merged my 2 blogs so now you can see about my mom life and how i incorporate my fit life in there. i post my gym diary and other stuff related to my fitness


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