About Me

Hi, I’m Bianca.

I live with D and our baby girl, who I’ll refer to here as mini or baby girl mostly. I chose the blog name, because everyone seems to wonder how I find time to do anything. It’s true, I do take a lot on my plate, but I wanted to give y’all a peek into what my life consists of!

I’m a wife and mom, engineer by day, baker by night (yes I own a business!) and I dabble in calligraphy, envelope art and bullet journaling.

Me and D before baby 

This is baby 

I started this blog when I was pregnant, to keep all my family informed with updates about all the stuff I was learning about being a mom and growing life inside your body. It was a cool way to document this new life journey and express myself.

But then I started posting food experiments, and DIY projects and sometimes the stuff I did on the weekend and my blog evolved into a lifestyle blog so to speak. I document conversations with my hilarious and sassy child, the calligraphy projects i dabble in,  pictures of stuff we accomplished on the weekend, any fun DIYs i’ve done etc.

And we bought a house in 2016 so you’ll see me talk about my journeys into home making and updates to the place now that we are homeowners. 🙂


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