Convos with a Toddler – Ep 6

Backstory:  Babygirl  is super thirsty and we’re at the barbershop and they’re out of water at the dispenser.

D gets two gatorades from the gas station and she starts drinking from one. 

He tells her maybe I would like some..

Baby girl: Mommy would you like some

Me: Yes baby

Baby girl: Ok daddy has more 



Convos w/ a Toddler – Ep. 5

Backstory: Little Mama has been doing so good with the potty training that we graduated her to wearing big girl panties all the time, including during nap time and BED TIME. but a few nights we have had some tiny accidents in the middle of the night, so to fix this we have been trying to get her to pee a lot and not drink anything after a certain hour. But mainly I try to make her pee multiple times during the before bed routine.

Me: Ok we got the pj’s on now its time to go pee

Mini: I don’t need to go

me: ok are you sure you don’t need to go? lets just go sit for a second

mini: i already went. (she did, like 5 minutes prior)

me: ok well lets go take the medicine and then we go pee.

mini: ok. (takes medicine)

me: ok lets sit on the potty for 2 seconds. lets just check if you have some more.

mini: ohhh-k… mommy i dont have any more

me: you don’t have anymore? are you sure? did you push?

mini: no i don’t have any more peepee. i don’t have anymore pee pee in my belly.


Backstory: mini gets a runny nose sometimes and we ask her to get tissue so we can wipe it. I was in the kitchen as this time washing dishes when she needed her nose wiped.

Me: go get me some tissue so I can wipe the nose.

Mini: you bossy (as she walks to take some tissue from the bathroom)

Me: (incredulous face) what did you just say to me

Mini: you so bossy mommy, mommy is bossy

(with the cutest little smirk on her face)

Me: (laughing) get over here so j can wipe your nose

Convos with a toddler – ep 4

Backstory: mini got a cut on her knee at daycare. Later that night as I was giving her a bath I brushed it with the wash rag in process of cleaning her. While I’m toweling her off:

Mini: mommy don’t touch my boo boo

Me: I’m sorry I have to dry you off

Mini: stop I’m going to be mad

Me: (laughing) you’re going to be mad? At me?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening

(At this point I call out to D so he can come hear this and I recap the story for him )

Me: so you’re going to be mad at me ?

Mini: yeah cause you’re not listening. Daddy you going to give mommy the jack ups right?



Backstory: mini LOVES cheese. Grilled cheese, string cheese, cheesy rice, cheesy fries everything cheese. Lately she had a lot of cheese and when she went #2 in the morning it was small and I wondered if the recent intake of cheese was causing her to be constipated.
Mini: mommy can I have some bread 

Me: sure (puts bread to make toast into toaster oven)

Mini: with cheese?

Me: um maybe later

Mini: mommy can I have cheese on my bread

Me: well I want you to make a bigger poop on the potty before you have any more cheese. If you make a big one the you can have more cheese

Mini: (walks to the bathroom even though she just went like 15 mins prior)

Me: what are you doing ? Where are you going

Mini: I’m going to make a big poop on the potty so I can have cheese

Me and d start laughing because she meant this every single word and she pushed and she did make a big one so I put some cheese on her bread

Convos with a toddler- ep3

backstory: babygirl eats breakfast when she gets to daycare but sometimes wants a little something before we get there. d & i both had bagels; he had a maple french toast with strawberry jelly and i had an everything with butter. he gave her some of his (which i didn’t think she would eat at all)


mini: daddy i want more

d to me: oh crap i just finished the last piece

me: its ok ill just give her some of mine (proceeds to give her some of mine)

mini: (turns it over and over in her hands, inspecting it) i don’t want this one, it doesn’t have the sauce. i want daddy’s.

d: (takes back my bagel which doesn’t have “the sauce”) sorry daddy doesn’t have anymore, you can only have some of mommy’s.

mini: (whines a little that she wants daddys) (proceeds to take back mommys bagel and finishes it.

Backstory: mini was having one of those days where she doesn’t want to go to daycare.

Me: but you’re going to have fun in school today  and get to play with all your friends.

Me: who are your friends at school? What are their names?
Mini: Emma is not my friend she went with her mom

Me: ok who else then

Mini: Sophia is not my friend she is at home

Me:ok what about Bryce and Braylon and Ruha and everyone else?

Mini: they are at home

Me: ok but what if they’re at school, then they’re your friend again?

Mini: yes all the kids love me

(Me and d look at each Other and start laughing)

Me: what did you just say?

Mini: all the kids love me


Backstory: we back at home at the end of the day and I’m trying to decide what I’m going to cook.
Me: baby what should we have for dinner tonight?

Mini: chocolate chips and tea

Me: what?

Mini: chocolate chips and tea

Me: did you say chocolate chips and tea?

Mini: yes ! Put something on the tv for me.

Convos with a toddler- ep.2

Backstory: we are driving in the nearby town center and pass some places including a place that sells mainly salads


Mini: I want go there (the salad place)

Me: mama you don’t want to go there. They have salad.

Mini: I want to go there.

Me: you don’t eat salad. We have to go somewhere else anyway.

Mini: yeah

(We go to Joann’s -my happy craft place-and get what we came for and get back in the car)

Mini: I want to eat the salad.



Backstory: Dwight got a shake for us to share.

Mini is checking us out in the front seat passing the shake back and forth.


Mini: I want some

D: ok you can have a little…. Do you like it?

Mini: yes I like it (Gives it to me.) mommy likes it.

D: yes mommy likes it but she wanted me to get a different one.

(I’m still trying to pull some thru the straw cause the Oreo pieces are blocking the flow)

Mini: daddy, mommy’s not sharing, I want some

i look incredulously at d who is laughing


Backstory: d got me skittles and bri some chips from the gas station. He comes back to the car trying to hide the bag and slyly passes me the skittles.


Mini: what is that

D: I got something for mommy

Mini: I want some

D: you don’t even know what it is, and it’s for mommy

Mini: I want some

D: but I got something for you too (proceeds to hand her the bag)

Mini: (eyes open wide) oooh look what I found mommy ta da

Mini: (heard me eating skittles) what you got there

Convos with a Toddler – Episode 1

so i kind of have this thing where i post my weekend recap, and i’m thinking i might start another thing of posting convos with a toddler. my toddler…

the things that come of out mini’s mouth sometimes make us laugh so hard and i love hearing what other moms say their kids said/did so i’ll post a few that i remember to start:

[ keep in mind, mini is 2.5 years old. ]

backstory: the other day i got home from running errands with my free chipotle bowl in a brown bag and found her and  D  couch, with her chicken nuggets in the microwave


mini: whats that

me: thats mommy’s food, i think your chicken nuggets are almost ready.

mini: i dont want chicken nuggets i want mommys food.

me: (putting groceries away) baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food you are going to have chicken nuggets

mini: i want mommy’s food, i don’t want chicken nuggets

me: (pulls a table up to the couch with my food so i can eat, mini’s food isn’t quite ready yet)

mini: (pulls her chair up to the same table, and looks at me expectantly)i want to take a bite

me: baby you aren’t going to like mommy’s food. (takes container out of bag. its a bowl with a foil top. unwraps the foil sides and proceeds to take off cover. opens cover and guac that was stuck to top falls back into the bowl)

mini: EWWWWWWWWWWW (proceeds to throw herself back into the chair) i don’t want that i want chicken nuggets

me: 🙂 i know baby


backstory: it’s valentines day and D has made me Nutella strawberry french toast as im sitting at the table. he brings my plate over to me..


mini: ooh mommy what’s that

me & d: it’s breakfast for mommy

mini: i want to take a bite 😀 (as she smiles big and moves to sit next to me looking at my plate expectantly)

backstory: got takeout seafood for dinner and i had seared ahi tuna.


mini: mommy whats that? eat you food eat you dinner

me: yes this is mommy’s food you want to try?

mini: yeah (I tear a piece and give it to her)

mini: (looks at it in her fingers, licks it) ewwww i don’t like it (proceeds to hand it back)

me: argh ok.

mini: eat you food mommy

me: i am, you want to try it?

mini: yeah (conveniently forgets that she just “tried it” looks at it) i don’t like it (hands it back)