Baby girls room makeover – Pt.2

Here’s a closer look at the floors. Also her closet doors which need to get put back on the tracks. The walls here look a little gray which I like. 

Dark floors + white trim + grayish walls; that’s the contrast I was going for.


A princess wall collage for my princess.

Here’s a book ledge for her reading corner. I plan on putting in maybe a bean bag chair or big pouf and canopy with some cute string lights to encourage her to read. 

I still need to put up her book library, but this is a start. 
And here is her mostly finished closet. We hung two closet rods above the cubby unit which I scored for $50 on offerup. 

I bought closet dividers which came with little stickies for sizes. They are pink clips that hook onto the closet rod and just let you organize kids clothes into their different sizes; I have the 3T and 4T on the bottom rod right now and 5T and 6T on the top. I keep her everyday stuff in the cubbies and other stuff in the drawers under her bed; shoes, socks, bathing suits, baby stuff I wanted to keep and everyday stuff for larger sizes.  

And I recovered this headboard which some super soft chenille (?) fabric from Joann. It’s grey with little stars if you look closely. I went with a light color so I could add pops of color in the bed pillows and comforter.   


Babygirl’s Room Makeover Pt 1

mini has been great about this whole move thing, and i’m happy. she has been excited to move to the new house and loving that she has bypassed her bedtime almost every night for the past few weeks, although this does cause for some trouble in the mornings.

it was bittersweet leaving the last house because we created so many memories there, and it was the first place we brought her home to. she started walking, talking and potty training there. she also started growing into her own little independent person in that place. sigh.

AND we decked her room out tinkerbell style. (check those out here:  part 1 , part 2 , & part 3 ). good times.

but we told her in the new house she could have something new: a princess room.

this is a pic from when the last owners lived here. see the white walls and boring fan?

check out that boring beige carpet.


she has been so excited for this princess room (!) and i am so happy to give it to her, and this is how i did it:

i took out the wire shelves from the closet so i could do a better/more organized closet for her. her bed does have some drawers in it, but we got rid of her dresser and chest of drawers so more storage please !and then we proceeded to rip out the carpet and throw some paint on the walls.

and because i am crazy– but have a vision– i also painted the inside of her closet.

sweety pink by sherwin williams.

 i did the walls in sherwin williams Olympus White (eggshell finish)

because i did the walls such a light color, i really wanted to have that pop of color for her.

-dad and daughter team installing floors & painting walls.-

also we bought her a bigger bed, because she sleeps like a crazy person and we felt it was time to upgrade her.

-i was going to buy the frame new from ikea but i found a lady selling it on offerup for $80! that’s a great deal considering i would have had to drop $250 on it from the store. we did buy her a new mattress and mattress pad, and are waiting for her memory foam top to come in. i think she really digs the one in our room so we got one for her too.

 and what princess room is complete without a dress up closet? we had this in the living room in the last place but it’ll go great in her new room.

my mom had a small tv they weren’t using so we repurposed it to her room and set it on top of her dress up closet.

orginially i was going to use this cubby thing in my closet, but it didn’t fit the space and i found a better use in hers. i think the different cubbies will be nice to seperate out her pants, shirts, pjs, etc.

And then we replaced the fan with a girly chandelier.

I bought a 10″ ceiling medallion from Home Depot to give it a more grand effect.

(Chandelier is the Tadpoles 4 Light Mini Chandelier in White.)


Thanks D for fighting that last boring fan off the ceiling and putting this new beauty up!


I’ve still got to put up her closet and clothes, organize all her books, and put some princess art on the walls.

ANDDD take some better lit pictures too.


Weekend in Review – friends + house work

soo much this weekend.

So so much, it’s no wonder I had to drag myself outta bed this Monday  AM.

I can foresee a lot of weekends like this, but I am happy to know it’s because we are fixing our house up.

so friday we got started work on our closet and D got baby girl’s light up.

[I’m going to do a post for each room and really break down all the work we did in that space but a few sneak peeks won’t hurt 🙂 ]

 The closet system and putting up chandelier took a bit of time for each.  But I was happy for the slow progress anyway.

And can I tell you how obsessed with her room I am?  Especially with this update of her ceiling light. I didn’t take a pic of the fan that was there but it was an average white fan with a dim light. Not princess-y enough for my vision.

I added a ceiling medallion for some extra flair. 
and then late that night we had to drove down to our friend’s house to be a part of a surprise brunch for our other friends after they got engaged. Our friends that we stayed with recently bought/moved in their home so we chit chatted about house plans, flooring woes, and cool tech (they have a Nest which i have been eyeing for our place (smart thermostat for those wondering)).

saturday was the brunch. it was awesome to be there and catch up with our friends.

And she was so excited/surprised to see us and happy that we could be there to share the special moment with them.

baby girl having fun with titi and uncle. 
some of the girls.
S’mores French toast for me ! 
Chicken and waffles for D 
The happy couple

we drove back to our place that night. since we were so tired after we got back i found a groupon for $22 hibachi for 2 and jumped on the deal. The japanese restaurant is a spot we frequent under new management and is now located in our new neighborhood.

the hibachi chef gave baby girl her own rice and noodles so she was happy. and our leftovers made for lunch the next day for all of us, and dinner for mini and i. so i was happy.

sunday D got up early and mounted the living room TV to the wall. it came out nice as he hid the wires inside the wall. Now to patch the pre existing holes and it will be perfect. (picture to come later)

then we did some more work on our closet.

im happy to say that I designed it myself and we are DIYing the install.

moving to this new place means we lost some clothes storage space but i’m working with what i’ve got and honestly i needed to purge old things out anyway.

after that we took a trip to ikea. i had to return two things and then buy a few things.

the few things turned into more things than i anticipated but i know it will be worth it in the end, especially this cool thing.

and then we drove over to Trophy Room, Marcus Jordan’s new shoe store.

It’s located in Disney Springs, which is like the outdoor mall that got added on to what I used to know as Downtown Disney. That place is nothing short of beautiful. We will have to drive out there again when we have  a free weekend so we can stroll around and really enjoy it.



and then we we got home we did that thing i said i wasn’t going to do.

I know, i know i said I wouldn’t do it right now but it was going to get done anyway.

And honestly it already looks better anyway.

We ripped out the old ceramic towel bar, and toilet paper holder.

Upstairs in our bathroom, we have two towel bars that aren’t where we want them exactly. So we said we would take them out, and if we are taking them out of one bathroom why not take them out of all bathrooms. And if we are taking all the towel bars then why not take out all the toilet paper holders too, right?

Here is the new hand towel  + holder ( Ikea) in the half bathroom downstairs.

MUCH better, and much more fitting to the space.  Now to patch the holes and repeat the process for the other bathrooms…

Powder Room Update


it’s a pretty basic powder room: toilet, pedestal sink and towel bar with white walls.

its under the stairs so the ceiling slants low on the toilet side.

i started painting it the same day we got the keys. i don’t waste any time i know.

 measuring cup to open the can of paint because i couldn’t find anything else !

color is sea salt by sherwin williams. beautiful bathroom color. i knew from all my pinterest searching that it would be the bathroom color and i am super happy about it even though i didn’t swatch the walls and check lighting and blah blah like some people suggest before committing to a color.

the towel bar is kind of an eyesore but i also don’t feel like ripping it out the wall right now, but like why such a massive towel bar for a bathroom that doesn’t even have a shower/bath? oh well. maybe i’ll rip it out later in favor of a smaller towel thing closer to the sink.

i added some shelves above the toilet since the pedestal sink offers zero storage and i would hate for someone to run out of toilet paper when they need it lol. I’ll add some cute stuff on the shelves later, maybe a candle and some lotions or a nice terrarium…

 shelves are from ikea= ekby collection and i chose the silver endcaps to hang them.

i love the way these different colors play together in here. also white circle mat from ikea to finish it off.


updated 6/2/16: i ripped the towel bar and toilet paper holder out the wall and added a new one of each.

a more fitting hand towel holder.


and a metal toilet paper holder


Weekend in Review- Moving Fun & Family

holy guacamole i am tired.

to recap i closed on my house last tuesday and im so friggin excited about it ! but we started moving immediately after that. my realtor was so kind to get us a cleaning lady which i am very thankful for, or else i would have been doing it plus the moving and painting!

we got the power, water and internet/cable on the same day and camped out in the living room. and it’s been a whirlwind since.

in that time i have painted: 3 bathrooms, mini’s room + closet, my room + walk in closet, + half of the baseboards that need painting.

this weekend was extra crazy and i knew it would be so i took friday off cause i asked my dad to help me, and D was out of town for the weekend.

(our first weekend and he’s not there ! *gives him major side eye*)

but let me tell you how THANKFUL i am for my dad. he’s the real MVP, he needs a trophy or something. 

the sellers of this house had 2 huge dogs and i wanted to change out the carpet in mini’s room, but upon final walkthru of the house i found a huge hole in the carpet in the master which was previously hidden by their ginormous dog crate.

(when i say their dogs were big i’m talking a great dane and siberian husky. they were more like little ponies actually, and i can say that because i met both of them.)

anyway, i originally asked my dad to help me redo baby girl’s floor and then realized i might as well just do my room too because of said carpet hole. so after he agreed to do one bedroom of carpet removal and floor installation it changed to 2 bedrooms, and 2 closets one of which being a walk in closet. he graciously agreed and i promised to help.

and i did, but he really did most of the engineering of it all; figuring out the best way to lay them to minimize waste & need to cut, measuring and cutting and of course actually laying them. and then you gotta get the quarter round molding to finish the edges too.

(can you see where babygirl contributed to painting this room?) 


he was working from friday early am, because he came in thursday night, til sunday pm, like 6-7pm, and then he still had to drive 3+ hours home! and go to work today !!

like i said he needs a trophy or something. maybe a drink too.

and also my family, like they are awesome.

i really just gotta say how BLESSED i am to have a family like i do. they were there for me when i really needed them and i am so GRATEFUL to have them in my life! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

my uncle lent me these awesome air mattresses so we could sleep on, and helped me unload my storage unit. (he also let me and mini stay with him during our transition time- shout out to you !! <3)

also shout out to my mom, brother, stepdad, aunt, cousin & her boyfriend!

they helped me unload my storage unit, start to unpack boxes, start putting things away, help babysit mini so i could help my dad and paint everything. they helped me clear things up so i could live in a more organized mess as i continue to unpack. they helped me in ikea cause i am still in need of things for the house. they are just awesome people and i hope they know how much i love them and APPRECIATE THEM FOR EVERYTHINGGGGGG.

more pics coming soon!

DIY Dresser & Nightstand Update

some of my first big girl purchases were for my bedroom furniture.

while i was in college, sophomore year, one of my roommates and i decided to rent an apartment off campus together. like a real apartment. not an off campus student housing apartment that comes furnished with nasty old mattresses and plain dressers that probably came from the 70s. not that there’s anything wrong with the 70s, or vintage furniture.

but our new apartment was going to be ours!

ours to decorate as we wish and furnish how we decided. with the rise of affordable and modern styles at ikea, i purchased the Hemnes dark brown/black queen bed and dresser. i got an ikea credit card to pay for some of it, and to help build some credit. a cheap desk  dual purposed as my nightstand, and study area.

and to this day i still have the queen bed and dresser. this dresser has lasted me 7 years. and its honestly still in great condition. that’s why i’ve kept it this long. but my style has changed a little. where i was initially drawn to espresso colored furniture, now im looking to lighter hues and different textures. also D had a king bed so we moved my queen set into one of the guest rooms and it is the least used of the two now.

our current bedroom set is a mix and match of furniture and materials. the two dark nightstands match, but are missing drawer knobs and have scratched surfaces. my beloved Hemnes dresser has a few small nicks and different color knobs as well. the headboard we made has a different aesthetic than everything else and the 2 lamps but don’t really go with the furniture but match the bedroom wall color.

i’m looking to tie our bedroom look together especially with our upcoming move. i know our room will be a dark grey and i don’t want to have all the dark furniture making the space seem small. so i decided to start with the dresser and nightstand and do a little update/upgrade project.


it didn’t make sense for us to get brand new ones when we had perfectly good ones already. they just needed a little TLC.

i had this idea to cover the tops with marble contact paper.

i thought by covering all the tops it would look more like a you can see the nightstands were not perfect and I’m sure if i sharpie-d the tops it wouldn’t make things any better.

the nightstands had an awkward shape that made covering them a little bit of a task, but i think with the design of the marble you can’t even see the imperfections that i know are there.

The dresser was an easier job, but a larger space. there are seams because the contact paper wasn’t large enough to cover in 1 piece but i love it.

and we changed the knobs so they all match.

We originally settled on these knobs, but I found ones I liked on hobby lobbys site better, so i ordered them. D was not happy because he said that he will be the one using the dresser more and he preferred the first set of knobs we chose. (to be honest when i received my online order it wasn’t what i was expecting either, the finish was a little duller and it just didnt give me the wow factor like the online picture did. )

but yeah our dresser & nightstand update is complete ! all under $75. (much cheaper than buying new furniture!)

we needed 18 knobs and they were about $3 a piece so that’s about $55 in hardware.

and i used 2 rolls of contact paper that i found on amazon $15.



after we move i’m going to change the lamps we currently have, and paint the headboard white. it’s going to be great.







DIY Dress Up Closet

alright so if you didn’t guess it already, my diy post was about a dress up closet!

i’m all about trying to inspire mini’s creativity and increase the fun.


Pinterest inspired this closet, and her christmas presents fueled the need for it.

after finding someone selling an old entertainment center for $15 i couldn’t pass it up.



the thing had a few dents which i tried to fill with wood putty and also for the drawer since i changed the knobs and had excess holes.

we ripped out the doors on the left, the shelf on the left and the back piece that was behind the left side.

we added a dowel rod on the left to hang clothes and a shelf on the right to create more storage space.

and i painted it. let me tell you i did a terrible job of that. its laminate, which just means you need to prime before you paint but i didn’t paint with sufficient lighting. i probably used the wrong brush and the polycrylic dripped in a weird way but i love it still. (i used 2 coats of polycrylic to seal it) and changed the handles on the drawer.


we covered 2 pieces of cardboard with wrapping paper (baby girl’s choice) to create a fun background. and we covered the shelf with silver wrapping paper.
i added some contact paper in the drawer too.


i need to find the rest of her dress up stuff and then it’ll be time to play !

DIY Preview

another DIY coming up soon, but i’ll give you a preview of what the before looks like:


 i got the idea for this off pinterest (of course)- can you guess what it will be?

I’ve got to repaint it and add a few things, i also will probably take the doors off, and change the knobs for the small drawer on the right.

best part was i got this baby for only $15 on craigslist!

it happened to be the cheapest one i saw  that also had the perfect dimensions for the space. it was a win. and the girl we bought it from was really sweet. it couldn’t fit in the trunk with the door closed so we needed some rope, she didn’t have any but drove me to a store to get some.