Spring is here! 

Happy first day of spring y’all!

Ok I’m a teensy bit late, the first day of spring was actually yesterday, but I’m back from my hiatus!

And I’m so excited for spring!

I mean the weather is pretty great all year round here, (perks of living where others vacation) but the time change makes my evenings more enjoyable and the weather means mini and I will be visiting the neighborhood playground a lot more often. Actually after I picked her up last night, still sweaty from climbing the stair master at the gym, she asked me if we could go and I obliged.

There were a lot of other kids enjoying the playground and the beautiful breeze, had me thinking about bringing some spring into our home…

I want to do a little house refresh for the season change, bring some “outside in” and brighten up the house and outdoor spaces.

Here’s some of my inspiration for some potential DIYs, tell me what you think or if you have any other  ideas! Are you doing anything to refresh your home this spring?

Let’s start with the front of the house. I need a welcoming wreath; I  had a fall one, a Christmas one and now the wreath hook is looking lonely so I need one for spring.

I really like these two wreaths because they mix textures and colors. I love the look of the rustic branches with the different flowers and leaf types.

I also want to put one of those door decals that says hello or welcome, in a pretty cursive.

How cute is this yellow door with the decal?!:

Our porch could use some kind of a table or chair too. It’s a small space, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be bare and boring, which it is right now. Maybe a rustic rocking chair next to a planter of flowers (bonus points for fresh herbs!) and a lantern to finish it off?

Something like this:

D could sit out here in the evenings and have a glass of cognac and a cigar like he likes 🙂

This is cute too, but I would need a nice outdoor cushion to make the chair comfortable to relax on.

Inside I want to incorporate more green and glass; I think by making some terrariums. I love the little glass worlds of moss, rocks, pebbles and fun miniature accents.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.18.02 PM

I have an empty jar shaped just like this one waiting to be useful actually.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.19.10 PM

I’ve been meaning to dress up the entryway area by changing up the light fixture and probably updating to smart bulbs (Phillips hue anyone?). I’m kind of obsessed with this pendant light I found on arhaus:

Love the Moroccan vibe and shape of this!!!
And this one I’ve had my eye on for the dining area from westelm.

It comes in silver too, but I think the dark accent will look nice with the wood floors and dark bar furniture in the space.

Actually I was looking on arhaus site, under the living room section, after i found the pendant light and I think we could use a couch upgrade.

This neutral color, some bright yellow pillows, a cozy beige throw and I think I’d be ready to curl up with my latest unread book. After I scotch guard it of course 😀

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.22.28 PM

Maybe a new media console too? Life of living with a toddler means I can never have too much storage, our current one gets the job done but it isn’t exceeding my expectations. I want something with doors so I can put all the boardgames, puzzles and cookbooks into.

Let’s not forget the backyard; it needs some loving too.

I donated our patio furniture because it couldn’t fit our space when D wasn’t home a few months back and haven’t replaced it with anything yet. He was not so happy to hear that! But the furniture was too large for the size lanai we have, he couldn’t argue with me about that fact.

I’m thinking a cute wicker bistro set so mini and I can sip lemonade while D grills summer veggies and chicken kabobs for us and friends 🙂

But I also want a fun sitting piece like maybe this round swivel from arhaus

Or this fun lounger with a shade from pier1

Also definitely want to get a smart thermostat. With the warmer weather I would love to save some money on the electric bill by having a smart thermostat to help regulate a comfortable temp for when we’re home and when we aren’t. Since we moved in last year, I had my heart set on the Nest. It’s sleek, has an easy to use interface and pays for itself not too long after buying it.

But at a friends house recently I saw they had the ecobee and it piqued my interest, so I’ll do some research on both.

Are you doing anything new for spring ?


Garden update



as promised here is my garden update pics. a little late but nonetheless present. [i will say with all the other stuff ive been doing i havent been tending to it like i was before:( but i got some progress.]

i had originally planned on planting more of certain things so the similar plants would be close “in age” but whatevs. hopefully because the weather has been consistently warm if i plant again the new seedlings will just sprout up. also not shown are my flowers which have leaves but no buds, my garlic,carrots, lettuce and herbs…



this is one of the avocado trees that i started from seed. i did it the toothpick and water way and for a while i was ready to give up but alas here is a little baby tree.


this plant in the foreground is avocado-from-seed-numero-2. after they started sprouting leaves i pinched those off so these are new leaves that you see. i also started two seeds in a wet paper towel in a bag in a cabinet. i think one of those started growing roots but honestly i forgot about them and probably should do something about it.







this is my only tomato plant. i believe its a red currant variety, one of the smaller kinds. dont mind the eggshells; tomatos love calcium and i accidentally spilled the bigger pieces when trying to add my little crushed shells in. for a while i didnt think this plant was going to make it, it looked very small and sickly and has just recently started to grow and look healthy. it gives me hope for some of the others.


these are my 3 okra plants. for a while these remained the same height and i was contemplating starting them over but left them in the hopes that they were just progressing their roots. then they started to grow 3rd leaves and i said ok i will let them be.


one of my lovely green bean plants. i was most excited for these, not because i love green beans but because they sprouted and looked like they were going to be sooo productive and successful. i know i need to trellis them. ive been saying for the longest im going to and shame on me i havent. but anyway something has been munching on their little leaves ! i am most upset. the bugs don’t seem to be eating any of the other plants. i see little flying bugs around all the plants and i wonder if they are the culprits but don’t know what to do to get rid of my pesky insect problem. suggestions are welcome !!!! [you can see my first green bean hanging off this plant 🙂 ]


i disappeared again :(

ahh i was doing so good about keeping up with my weekend recaps and i fell off :(.  again. so sorry.

i’ve been super busy though so it’s been hard to keep up with everything.

i’ve been trying to plan babygirl’s 1st birthday party. [the fact that she’s already turning one is amazing to me] and also trying to plan her baptism now that D is back. its going to be a crazy weekend cause her party will be saturday and her baptism sunday and then my birthday on monday. wooooo. and then i’ll be able to breathe and not know what to do with myself cause i kind of like putting this all together.

so how has party planning been going you ask? well very good actually. i picked a theme and understand what is important in terms of making it all come together. meaning: my theme doesn’t need to visually permeate to each and every object at the party so i’ve picked table ware that will work nicely with my theme and i have utilized resources to make some of my decorations. so im spending $0 on somethings most people don’t keep after a party anyway. i’ve got together a menu and have opted to make the desserts O_O .  i will be recipe testing very soon. like really soon. [i don’t want to make them for the first time the week of the party to find out it’s not going to work.] i think i’ve come up with a good plan to cut costs and still come out with an amazing party.

i think i’ve covered all the details. now that we have a venue and i have seen what the layout is i am currently working on execution of decoration making. i’ve also picked out an outfit for her and have ordered the necessary accessories. i’ve also designed the invitations myself (kind of proud of this cause i think they are super cute) for her bday party and baptism and will be getting them printed soon. i am on track to not be stressed out the week of our bdays! (especially since we are probably going out of town the weekend before which would be my last chance for getting a lot of stuff done.)


and my garden? well the my green beans are looking very promising but i need to trellis them.. like last week!

and my okra is finally appearing to do something [though they were looking green and healthy, i felt  for a few weeks nothing was happening with them so i was crossing my fingers that they were just working on their roots since no above-ground progress was visible.]

i also have two avocado trees sprouting from seed and a third which i need to plant.

my tomato plant is finally starting to look healthy again, i should probably plant another…

my flowers seem to be looking alright. though i have no flower buds, the leaves are looking green and getting big and looking distinctly different from one another. hoepfully they will get planted in the ground very soon. (on the honey-do list lol !)

my lettuce. well. idk. i’ll probably see about spinach in the future. i think lettuce grows better hydroponically anyway.

pictures to come later today. hopefully.

Weekend in Review – Gardening

im late on my weekend recap. i normally post them on monday but i forgot to take my pics on sunday/monday morning like normal and monday after work we had a play date 🙂

i have now forgotten what i did over the weekend so all i have is garden updates. thats probably all i did anyway. ive been trying to catch up on my relax time.

i transplanted the carrots i had growing and started some from seed in the same large container. [note to self: just do carrots in the container they’ll grow in.]

i started some more from seed flowers including lobelia, poppy and some petunias.

i have no idea what my lettuce is doing. idk if they never recovered from being transplanted or this is what normally happens or they didnt grow properly after initially sprouting. im seriously debating just pulling up the little stragglers and starting over.

my garlic seems to be doing quite well, especially since they were kind of just an experiment.


my green onions seem to be thickening up which is good, because i was beginning to wonder about those too.

and my lone green bean plant seems to be blossoming quite nicely.


my parsley is growing too.


also i have 2 tomato (red currant?) growing ad what looks to be a third and two lavender which have taken foreverrr to sprout.




Weekend in Review – Gardening

this one was a quiet weekend. I worked from home Friday because I was sick and tried recovering all weekend. It’s Monday and I still can’t smell or taste anything and am still working on the congestion which is making it hard for me to breathe like a normal person. le sigh.

Stayed home all Saturday in bed with baby girl watching netflix (we have now watched all the available How I Met Your Mother episodes, and I am researching ways to get Season 9 episodes) (looking into new options of what to watch)

Did grocery shopping sunday and mostly have garden update pics:

lettuce is growing so i transplanted them into bigger pots.


at least 2 of my garlic cloves are poking out something.


and i have a couple of okra plants growing! (if you look very closelyyy you can see a little green next to the okra in the back, and that is carrot(s).


also i got my flower seeds in, so i planted zinnia, verbena, sunflower and marigold.

and in case you were wondering about my ever growing green onions, i thinned a couple of them out but im thinking maybe i should thin them some more…


garden party

since i did my planting over the weekend, i’ve also planted some red currant tomatoes and okra seeds.

fingers crossed for some success.

i’ve been doing lots of research on gardening and have also come across canning and dehydrating food. so many awesome articles and youtube vids that are inspiring this new found hobby.

and i think what i like most about it is the yummy return on investment i’m hoping to get. [i love crafting and scrapbooking and other creative outlets that i’ve previously dabbled in but some of those are costly hobbies that don’t yield as much in return other than the satisfaction of having done it and having something pretty to look at… hmm maybe i should take up candle making again..]

anyway. im excited about my gardening and since i took that green onion pic on saturday i checked on them yesterday (tuesday) and here’s what they look like:


😀 i’m so excited that it makes me feel a little nerdy

Weekend in Review – Gardening

It was a rainy grey weekend so we spent a lot of it inside cuddling, eating ice cream and watching Netflix. How I Met Your Mother, in case you were wondering.
I made more egg muffins, with milk this time ! They came out really good, especially since I cut back on the amount of onion lol (these are supposed to be on the to breakfast eats) and I added more cheese and spinach. They are really more egg cups then muffin actually.

Mostly I did garden stuff this weekend, thankful for a screened in patio!  In pots I did garlic, parsley and lemon seeds. I don’t know what the lemon seeds will do so I might add some to the germination station later today. (And since I was meal prepping for little miss, instead of throwing out the butternut squash seeds I washed and dried them to save for when I am going to plant some. I also ran across a recipe for roasting them since apparently they are edible in that way as well).


I also started filling on my germination station! I planted in it lettuce, carrots and lavender and put flower plotting soil in the rest of the cells. This thing is supposed to help the seeds germinate faster 😀


The green onions are sprouting!  I think these are the first thing I’ve planted from seed since like the 3rd grade, so it feels good to see those little green buds popping up especially after only what  a week? Probably going to need to thin them out and transplant some. Can’t wait til they will be ready to eat.


Weekend in Review – Decals + Egg muffins

I was doing so good with consistently posting my weekend recap and then I fell off! WellI’m back and will do better, I promise.
“farmers market.”
I went to a farmers market last weekend and it was fun! They had food vendors, live music, art, and fruits and veggies for sale. I was a little disappointed in the prices as my friend told me she got a lot of stuff at a good deal at a different market so I didn’t leave with much. This weekend I went to an indoor market and in the name of eating healthy I stocked up. Plus baby girls appetite has increased and leaves me constantly in the kitchen whipping up good eats for her.


sweet dreams vinyl decal.
Vinyl decals are deceiving. They look like regular peel and stickies but they’re not. Peel and stick wall art is easy. Never the less this one came out cute and it was on sale at target. Now I just need more picture frames so I can hang around it. Or maybe I’ll make something… I still need to paint my belly cast !

eggs muffins
On this path to a flatter tummy and less love handles means I should eat less bagels and pancakes right? Sigh but I love them. Anyway needed a quick morning breakfast that doesn’t come in a box, [although I make my pancakes from scratch]. I’ve seen people talk about egg muffins, they sounded cute. I scrambled 8 eggs and seasoned them, added some onions, grape tomatoes, white cheddar cheese and put a turkey bacon strip in a couple of cups. Baked them at 350 for about a half hour (til my toothpick came out clean) and it made 9, after I baked them I realized I forgot milk. Sigh, next week I’ll add it. {they taste good, but i think milk would be that frosting on top to make them fluffier}

new plants
I’ve always wanted to grow my own edible plants. I have had an aloe plant for a couple years now and finally took that step to growing my own stuff, like edible stuff. I got a peppermint, basil and oregano plant and green onion and carrot seeds. Now we pray lol. Since we don’t own the house I’m not anxious to plant them outside so I’m starting by potting them and going from there. I am also growing avocado trees from the seed! I have two so far, and while they can take at least 5 years before they bear fruit I will have two beautiful trees in the mean time, plus my other stuff. if i can grow them lol. [ advice and suggestions are welcome as i am a newbie to this subject ]