Weekend in Review- family! 

So so much this weekend.

I actually took Thursday off to prep and Monday off to recover !

Thursday started the influx of family to our home where we had 13 people stay in a 3/2.5 abode!

Thankful for air mattresses and extra toilet paper.🙌🏽

We cleaned up the house to make it presentable for our guests and started welcoming them to our new place. They all loved everything we’ve done with it so far 🙂

Thursday night we went out to celebrate D’s best friend’s fiancées birthday.

It’s not often we get out and do adult things so it was nice to be B & D and not just mom & dad for a night.

We went downtown and then finished the night at the pizza place where D and I first met.

His best friend said it was the best pizza he had in his life !!

Friday I did some party food prepping and ran some errands cause I needed something to wear to my princesses birthday. I worked on chocolate “snow” covered oreos and making the cheese ball.

We also put the turkey meatballs in the slow cooker and my mom and aunt got the pasta salad going.

Later that night he big kids went to play laser tag. Talk about a good time! We found a groupon to give us all 6 missions but because we got there so later we ended up losing out on 2. They had a variety of guns to choose from and each mission was a little different. One mission we had to find the traitors on both teams, the last mission was a free for all, every man/woman for themself.

And I won ! I was last woman standing !! I was soooo excited to be able to say I was the champion lol.

Saturday was baby girl’s birthday party. (I’ll talk about that separately)

After the party the family came back to the house and we opened little mama’s gifts.

After opening gifts we played the Jelly Bean Challenge. That was interesting.

And then we had another adult night out and went to a comedy club. We finished off the night by going downtown after the show and eating pizza from our spot.

Sunday the ladies cooked Father’s Day Brunch.

We had leftover cheese ball, turkey bacon, sliced avocado, fruit salad, leftover turkey and cheese sandwich, bagels, scrambled eggs and saltfish.

And of course some sangria to wash the food down with 🙂


Hallway update + DIY

This hallway is basically the first thing people see when they walk in our house, I wanted it to make a statement.
So first we took out the boring flushmount standard white light

and replaced it with this beauty❤️

I posted this picture on social media and within minutes no less than 10 people messaged me to tell me how dope this thing was.

I have a vision for my house and I’m glad so many people reached out to let me know they appreciate it! 

It can close or open depending on how much light you want.

In the daytime it looks like this

Next up for hallway transformation was a console table. To be honest I wasn’t looking for one, I knew I’d need one but it just wasn’t a priority at this point. We have a rack that we can hang our keys on, and we have other projects to worry about and boxes to finish unpacking.

But while I’m out I always keep my eyes open for things I like. Like these cool shiny decor items


I ended up taking the ampersand home with me. 
And then I found this table.  

It was so cute.

It was different than a lot of other boring console tables I’ve seen on the web. I had to have it for myself.

So I bought it.

But the legs were a little too pale for my liking.

Look how nice it looks fits in this space!

But something had to be done about those legs.

I tapped off the white tips, and sanded down the part I wanted to stain. I didn’t do a good enough job taping off the white, note to self don’t be stingy with the tape.


And in the end I’m soo happy with the final result! 

The legs go really well with the darker floors now.

Weekend in Review- Terrariums + Paint

My off Friday meant I was able to go to the gym and run a lot of errands.

I put together a few more terrariums and am really happy with them. I want to get a few cool mini sculptures to put in them when I get a chance. I’ve seen glow in the dark little “mushrooms” or little forest animals. Maybe I’ll get some little fairy accents to make it look like a fairy lives in there…

I have 3 terrariums on the entertainment center in the living room and 2 in our bedroom now.

I love how they look so far and might trade out some of the moss for some sand to just get a different texture in there.

Saturday I did some wood staining and spray painting. I had a gold metal basket that I sprayed pewter grey for our bathroom, and more on the wood stain later.

Breakfast looked like this 

My first time buying chocolate soy milk (it was on sale) and it’s pretty good I must say. It has a silky texture and enough taste to make me drink 2 cups upon first trying it.

Saturday night we stepped out and saw mini me’s boo. They are so funny together! As soon as she saw him she ran over with a big smile on her face and immediately reached for his hand to hold!! Why oh why, I’m not ready lol.

He was quiet at first trying to run away as she tried to catch him, but later he started to get a little wild too. They were running through the park wild and free, it was cute.

Sunday we slept in, being tired from our Saturday activities.

When we finally rolled out of bed we got some house stuff done.

hat meant a lot of  baseboard painting. The downstairs baseboards really needed the fresh coat of paint, and it has made such a difference.

I wish I took before pictures so you could see what a difference the white paint has done. Previously they were off white color, speckled with grey paint, covered in dust and hair. Ew.

Also we are missing a dining table.

I also tidied up a bit, putting things away, sweeping, and hanging some clothes up.I patched a few small holes underneath the downstairs TV and painted over them. Since I had the paint out I contemplated doing a piece  of the bar area but by that time it was already 10:30 pm and I knew I could get to it another time.

So many little things to do, but it is really coming together just like I planned it. 🙂

Master Bath Makeover

this bathroom was exciting for a few reasons, the paint color was not one of them.

 Reasons to be excited:

I would have space to put a vanity chair (and therefore have a seat to do my morning makeup in) and be able to organize my makeup in a neat way on the counter. Also there’s a drawer so i could utilize that as well.

The tub meant i could take relaxing baths.

The size meant me and D wouldn’t be falling over each other trying to get ready in front of the mirror.

But the paint was sad. I don’t have anything against brown walls, but there’s no window in this bathroom, and it just made the space feel small and dark.

Project 1: Paint the bathroom.
I used the same color as the other bathrooms: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I absolutely love this color for all the bathrooms, and I’m so happy I chose it.

And then there was removing those old towel bars, and toilet paper holder. We had 2 towel bars in here, one by the shower and one on the other side of the bathroom above the bath.

And I added shelves for a little bathroom decor/storage. Same style shelves as the ones in the other bath- can you see the what i’m doing here? continuity in all the bathrooms- check.

I love that the open shelves give me space to store things but in a way i can do so artistically. Loads of soap in a cool glass jar; rolls on rolls of toilet paper in a wire basket; pretty candle; no purpose pretty mercury glass shiny thing. I like the mix of textures that I am able to showcase, but its all in a useful way cause I need it within reach ya kno. Especially the toilet paper.

This is the new towel bar we put up. The hands can swing out and allow up to 4 towels to dry simultaneously. Pretend like you can’t see where I patched the wall.

Here is my makeup organization for the counter. Acrylic 3 drawer set, and a lipstick holder/extra compartment thing that fits nicely on top. I used glass jars to the right to hold my brushes, which need to be cleaned.

Open the drawer and you can see I used acrylic dividers to group items together so it’s not just a big convoluted mess.I also purged old makeup before putting it in here. This is a good amount for me to have, I think. (There’s like 6 eye shadow palettes on the left I should get around to using O_O)


Bathroom Makeover

before: bath 1

photo courtesy of when the last owner’s lived here. white walls, 1 hook for a towel.


Take the hook off the wall and paint the bathroom.

You guessed it: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.
Then removed the toilet paper holder and put up a new towel bar.

A double rod to maximize towel hanging space. 

Also we needed a shower curtain rod so I got one of the curved ones. It makes the curtain hang close to the toilet if you’re sitting on that but having a curved rod makes the shower space seem roomier. Pros outweigh the cons I think.


The shower curtain is the same one we had in the last place, it makes for a fun bathroom I think. And this is baby girls bathroom so we like fun. Also I think the wall color plays nicely with the underwater/sea theme.

I’m thinking about adding a cute mermaid decal in here to go along with the theme and cause little mama seems to like mermaids. 

I still need to get her a toothbrush holder,  and set up the guest toiletries but this bathroom is basically done. 

Baby girls room makeover – Pt.2

Here’s a closer look at the floors. Also her closet doors which need to get put back on the tracks. The walls here look a little gray which I like. 

Dark floors + white trim + grayish walls; that’s the contrast I was going for.


A princess wall collage for my princess.

Here’s a book ledge for her reading corner. I plan on putting in maybe a bean bag chair or big pouf and canopy with some cute string lights to encourage her to read. 

I still need to put up her book library, but this is a start. 
And here is her mostly finished closet. We hung two closet rods above the cubby unit which I scored for $50 on offerup. 

I bought closet dividers which came with little stickies for sizes. They are pink clips that hook onto the closet rod and just let you organize kids clothes into their different sizes; I have the 3T and 4T on the bottom rod right now and 5T and 6T on the top. I keep her everyday stuff in the cubbies and other stuff in the drawers under her bed; shoes, socks, bathing suits, baby stuff I wanted to keep and everyday stuff for larger sizes.  

And I recovered this headboard which some super soft chenille (?) fabric from Joann. It’s grey with little stars if you look closely. I went with a light color so I could add pops of color in the bed pillows and comforter.   

Babygirl’s Room Makeover Pt 1

mini has been great about this whole move thing, and i’m happy. she has been excited to move to the new house and loving that she has bypassed her bedtime almost every night for the past few weeks, although this does cause for some trouble in the mornings.

it was bittersweet leaving the last house because we created so many memories there, and it was the first place we brought her home to. she started walking, talking and potty training there. she also started growing into her own little independent person in that place. sigh.

AND we decked her room out tinkerbell style. (check those out here:  part 1 , part 2 , & part 3 ). good times.

but we told her in the new house she could have something new: a princess room.

this is a pic from when the last owners lived here. see the white walls and boring fan?

check out that boring beige carpet.


she has been so excited for this princess room (!) and i am so happy to give it to her, and this is how i did it:

i took out the wire shelves from the closet so i could do a better/more organized closet for her. her bed does have some drawers in it, but we got rid of her dresser and chest of drawers so more storage please !and then we proceeded to rip out the carpet and throw some paint on the walls.

and because i am crazy– but have a vision– i also painted the inside of her closet.

sweety pink by sherwin williams.

 i did the walls in sherwin williams Olympus White (eggshell finish)

because i did the walls such a light color, i really wanted to have that pop of color for her.

-dad and daughter team installing floors & painting walls.-

also we bought her a bigger bed, because she sleeps like a crazy person and we felt it was time to upgrade her.

-i was going to buy the frame new from ikea but i found a lady selling it on offerup for $80! that’s a great deal considering i would have had to drop $250 on it from the store. we did buy her a new mattress and mattress pad, and are waiting for her memory foam top to come in. i think she really digs the one in our room so we got one for her too.

 and what princess room is complete without a dress up closet? we had this in the living room in the last place but it’ll go great in her new room.

my mom had a small tv they weren’t using so we repurposed it to her room and set it on top of her dress up closet.

orginially i was going to use this cubby thing in my closet, but it didn’t fit the space and i found a better use in hers. i think the different cubbies will be nice to seperate out her pants, shirts, pjs, etc.

And then we replaced the fan with a girly chandelier.

I bought a 10″ ceiling medallion from Home Depot to give it a more grand effect.

(Chandelier is the Tadpoles 4 Light Mini Chandelier in White.)


Thanks D for fighting that last boring fan off the ceiling and putting this new beauty up!


I’ve still got to put up her closet and clothes, organize all her books, and put some princess art on the walls.

ANDDD take some better lit pictures too.


Weekend in Review – friends + house work

soo much this weekend.

So so much, it’s no wonder I had to drag myself outta bed this Monday  AM.

I can foresee a lot of weekends like this, but I am happy to know it’s because we are fixing our house up.

so friday we got started work on our closet and D got baby girl’s light up.

[I’m going to do a post for each room and really break down all the work we did in that space but a few sneak peeks won’t hurt 🙂 ]

 The closet system and putting up chandelier took a bit of time for each.  But I was happy for the slow progress anyway.

And can I tell you how obsessed with her room I am?  Especially with this update of her ceiling light. I didn’t take a pic of the fan that was there but it was an average white fan with a dim light. Not princess-y enough for my vision.

I added a ceiling medallion for some extra flair. 
and then late that night we had to drove down to our friend’s house to be a part of a surprise brunch for our other friends after they got engaged. Our friends that we stayed with recently bought/moved in their home so we chit chatted about house plans, flooring woes, and cool tech (they have a Nest which i have been eyeing for our place (smart thermostat for those wondering)).

saturday was the brunch. it was awesome to be there and catch up with our friends.

And she was so excited/surprised to see us and happy that we could be there to share the special moment with them.

baby girl having fun with titi and uncle. 
some of the girls.
S’mores French toast for me ! 
Chicken and waffles for D 
The happy couple

we drove back to our place that night. since we were so tired after we got back i found a groupon for $22 hibachi for 2 and jumped on the deal. The japanese restaurant is a spot we frequent under new management and is now located in our new neighborhood.

the hibachi chef gave baby girl her own rice and noodles so she was happy. and our leftovers made for lunch the next day for all of us, and dinner for mini and i. so i was happy.

sunday D got up early and mounted the living room TV to the wall. it came out nice as he hid the wires inside the wall. Now to patch the pre existing holes and it will be perfect. (picture to come later)

then we did some more work on our closet.

im happy to say that I designed it myself and we are DIYing the install.

moving to this new place means we lost some clothes storage space but i’m working with what i’ve got and honestly i needed to purge old things out anyway.

after that we took a trip to ikea. i had to return two things and then buy a few things.

the few things turned into more things than i anticipated but i know it will be worth it in the end, especially this cool thing.

and then we drove over to Trophy Room, Marcus Jordan’s new shoe store.

It’s located in Disney Springs, which is like the outdoor mall that got added on to what I used to know as Downtown Disney. That place is nothing short of beautiful. We will have to drive out there again when we have  a free weekend so we can stroll around and really enjoy it.



and then we we got home we did that thing i said i wasn’t going to do.

I know, i know i said I wouldn’t do it right now but it was going to get done anyway.

And honestly it already looks better anyway.

We ripped out the old ceramic towel bar, and toilet paper holder.

Upstairs in our bathroom, we have two towel bars that aren’t where we want them exactly. So we said we would take them out, and if we are taking them out of one bathroom why not take them out of all bathrooms. And if we are taking all the towel bars then why not take out all the toilet paper holders too, right?

Here is the new hand towel  + holder ( Ikea) in the half bathroom downstairs.

MUCH better, and much more fitting to the space.  Now to patch the holes and repeat the process for the other bathrooms…